Geneva - Bernd Michalak  , boss of the workshop of the same name in Mainz, Germany, and long-standing contractor to the industry, surprised the Geneva exhibition with a unique variation of the Chrysler Viper.
His cabriolet, the "Cocoon", distinguishes itself by using two B-column lineal bars, which serve as both roof rails and roll bar, leaving the Viper suitable for everyday use.

The ruby red metallic Viper "Cocoon" can be driven in three variations: completely open, without B-column lineal bars, very elegant and classic; half-open with assembled B-column lineal bars, as a practically draught-less, all weather cabriolet, and, closed with lateral arch between the lineal bars and fabric covered roof.

"The highlight," explains Michalak, "is the lowerable windows, which electrically lower 6 mm when the door is opened and then automatically close again when the door is closed." The door openers are external and all parts of the hood, together with the lineal bars fit into the car boot.

"We are also directing our attention to Viper drivers, who, up until now, only drove out and about when the weather was fine," says the designer and engineer, Bernd Michalak, "because with our roof, the Viper is as quick as a flash weather, wind and carwash proof. The name, "Cocoon", stands for the safety and security of a cocoon - it is made of reinforced composite materials - the michalak "cocoon" is a variation cabriolet of the highest production quality."

At the same time, the Michalak workshop wants to highlight the cocoon's numerous possibilities of as development partner with industry - it's program extends from design through mold making, to construction of finished prototypes. The company has been renowned for nearly twenty years and regards big name car companies as it's customers.

Over the years, Michalak's drivable prototypes include:

the Opel-fun Corsa "Topino" (1989), the Ferrari studies, "Cilindro" (1991) and "Conciso" (1993), and the "ChallengeR" (1995), also based on the Chrysler Viper.

Information and photographs are available direct from the manufacturer on receipt of proof of published articles about the above product.

source: Michalak

Engine & performance:

Type: 10-cylinder

Capacity: 7994 cc

Power: 400 hp

Torque: 620 Nm

Top speed: 266 km/h

0-100 km/h: 4.5 s


Length: 4448 mm

Width: 1920 mm

Height: 1100 mm