Geneva  - The Bernd Michalak company offers a very individual interpretation of the off-road theme with its CHEEPR All Terrain Coupè (ATC) based on the Jeep Wrangler.

The unusual design of this All Terrain Coupè is intended to accommodate up to four people, have low fuel consumption on European roads in everyday use and at the same time satisfy the demands of many off-road fans for recreational design. The vehicle's design language depends on the contrast between glossy surfaces and the graceful satin-finish "belt" that quite deliberately repeats the motif of tarpaulin and cross-member in the removable door segments. The glass roof is partially removable, the folding roof at the rear ensuring cabriolet-feeling in spring and autumn.

The main motivation for building the CHEEPR study is Michalak's desire to demonstrate their own capability of carrying out major automobile development assignments economically,quickly and with appealing quality to their industrial partners. The goal of eight weeks from the drawing board to prototype production was achieved; work began on 2 January 1997 and the CHEEPR All Terrain Coupè was ready for shipment to the Geneva Motor Show on 27 February 1997.

The michalak studio, which has been a strictly confidential partner to the automobile industry for a good twenty years, designed the bodywork, built the moulds and created the technical interfaces to the series-production Jeep chassis in this brief time. A lot of parts were manufactured using state-of-the-art plastics technology at the same time, so that michalak can carry cut series production of accessories and modification parts as well.

The CHEEPR will remain a sale prototype, intended to demonstrate just how innovatively and efficiently even small companies can support the motor industry. It is of a piece with the earlier michalak studies Topino (1989, based on the Opel Corsa), Cilindro (1992, on a Ferrari base) and Conciso (1994, again on a Ferrari chassis), which were also presented to the public at the Geneva Motor ShEngine & performance:

Engine & performance:

Type: 4-cylinder

Capacity: 2.5-liter

Power: 118 hp @ 5200 RPM


Weight: 1200 kg