The beat of an alternative heart

In 1998, the concept-car 20 was presented for the first time. The enthusiasm it aroused among the public fuelled the development of a new mass-produced car design: the Coupé / Cabriolet.

Combining vision and realism, the 206 CC - the first vehicle in the “small car” segment to have a metal electric folding roof - met with well-documented success and was then followed in the higher segment of the Peugeot range by the 307 CC.

With the launch of the 207 hatchback, Peugeot’s designers naturally considered including a “CC” version in the new range, and applying all their expertise in the field of “vehicles styled for pleasure”.

With the “207 Epure” concept car, the Marque for the one part lifts the veil on a tangible future product.

However, its personality is twofold: in addition to twin coupé / cabriolet adaptability, this styling blueprint also conceals an example of future fuel cell technology for a more distant future...

The experimental power train that equips the 207 Epure includes the latest advances of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group in this area, without any adverse affect on the vehicle’s functional and stylistic features.

The spirit of freedom inherent in this design is therefore closely bound up with the car’s method of propulsion: the ensuing benefits - zero emissions, silent operation - which does much to enhance the pleasure of driving the car as a cabriolet.

Both driver and car are then truly at one with their environment. Pleasure and ecology are united.

SOURCE: Peugeot