With the ingenuity of its designers and engineers, Heuliez strengthens its position as market leader in coupé-cabriolet segment. Based on the Peugeot 407 sedan and preserving its elegant and sporty lines, the "Macarena" is a world premier: it is the first coupé-cabriolet with four seats - and four doors.

Another particularity of the "Macarena" is its retractable hardtop, made with three glass panels and two distinctive roof arches, which marks a new generation in retractable hardtop technology. By simply pressing a button, the glass panels slide back together, before the panels and the rear window disappear into the trunk. The side members then gracefully fold into the trunk so that the complete roof is now compactly stored away. But that's not all: the three glass panels can also be used as a sliding sun roof by opening one or several glass panels independently.

The know-how of the Heuliez engineers enabled creating a very simple and efficient trunk mechanism. The decklid of the "Macarena" opens simply in the standard way, in contrast to the majority of existing coupé-cabriolets. The folded glass roof slides itself into the trunk through the space left by the parcel shelf disappearing into the decklid. In cabriolet position, the elaborated roof cinematic allows one of the most compactly folded roofs offering an extensive trunk volume of 300 liters. Moreover, the rear seats offer a standard sedan rear seat comfort.The interior cross member between the B-pillars guarantees the body stiffness and stability necessary to fulfill the highest safety regulations. Furthermore, this cross member allows integrating frontal airbags for the rear passengers and optional accessories such as video screens.

"Macarena" could revolutionize the cabriolet market. Style, modern elegance and innovation are the main characteristics of this new vehicle concept. Heuliez combines pleasure and sportiness into this concept full of unprecedented glamour.

source: Heuliez