Citroën will unveil a new concept car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept, an automotive interpretation of its "Ë" capsule collection. The new Citroën SpaceTourer takes on the styling cues of the "Ë" lifestyle product collection, a singular range of modern and technical products presented at last year's Paris Motor Show. Through this signature, the new concept car asserts the Brand's unique spirit and enhances the strengths of the production version. In its XS version, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept features a 4WD conversion, protection equipment and graphic components outside together with a special interior layout that make it a stylish, practical and contemporary adventurer, firmly focused on escapades and well-being. The new concept car was designed for all today's "tribes" looking to enjoy their leisure activities in style and with a relaxed attitude.

The Citroën SpaceTourer is a contemporary van with an uncompromising combination of style, versatility and comfort. A few days ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Citroën is continuing its SUV offensive and is unveiling the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept. The new concept car is an original take on the SpaceTourer presented in a contemporary version inspired by the "Ë" capsule collection revealed on the Citroën stand at the Paris Motor Show. The "Ë" capsule collection is a line of modern and technical lifestyle products realised in a limited series. The name refers to the singular grapheme central to Citroën's identity and pronounced with an umlaut.

Enhancing the strengths of the production model, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is the perfect companion for adepts of design, well-being and leading-edge technologies on all types of terrain. In addition to its exclusive and elegant styling with the same colour-and-material cues as the collection of the same name, it also reasserts the Brand's signature and unique know-how, and features an all-wheel-drive transmission developed by Automobiles Dangel. This 4WD conversion is feasible on the production version of the SpaceTourer.


Aesthetically, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept introduces a subtle approach to colours and materials inside and out, lending it a sharp graphic presence and an energetic look.

Combining the best features of vans and SUVs, the design above all emphasises the concept car's all-terrain abilities. The SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is equipped with special front and rear protective skid plates and roof bars with a satin aluminium finish. Recognizable with its "4X4" logo under the door mirrors and on the tailgate, it also features tyres with snow chains.

 While its flowing and unaggressive body styling initially evokes vitality and balance, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept emphasises the model's original styling with original body paint. To visually boost its personality, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is cloaked in a special Technical White colour on the front and tailgate.  The profile and the bonnet are adorned with a hip camouflage design in Technical Grey hues and enhanced with a red decal. Touches of the same red colour punctuate the wheels, equipped with 19-inch rims in dark chrome.

These styling features strengthen the character of the robust and elegant van, which is available in several body sizes (XS, M and XL) to meet the needs of families and professionals alike. The SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is being presented in the compact and dynamic XS version designed for top-level functionality and versatility in use. With its short wheelbase, the XS model stands as a first in its segment with a body length of just 4.60 m and the advantage of a low body height of 1.90 m. Despite its raised body, the 4WD version by Dangel remains under 2 m high, ensuring access to most car parks when returning from far-flung expeditions.

The "Ë" signature inseparable from the name and history of the Brand also forms a key graphic detail on the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept. With a minimalist design in Metallic Grey, it is set on the dark-tinted rear quarterlight. It also emphasises the large glazed surfaces at the sides, suggesting a generous cabin bathed in natural light.

The SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept's sliding side doors open on to an impressively spacious interior with a warm design scheme in which each component is handsomely appointed. Highlighted by a broad glass roof with its two separately coverable sections, the personalisation work inside is most evident in the dashboard and upholstery. The blue, white and red colour scheme pays a nod to the graphical world inspired by the "Ë" capsule collection. Taking the form of cloth strips and piping, the colours subtly celebrate French heritage and forge a new aesthetic.

Fully in harmony with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme for the well-being of body and mind, the seats on the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept are remarkably comfortable and together form an original interior layout. Able to house up to nine people, the XS version here takes on a 2+2 configuration with two sliding individual rear seats fitted with armrests. With an uncompromising combination of comfort, practicality and aesthetics, the concept car has a unique interior look and a top-quality two-tone treatment. The seats are upholstered in soft and warm materials. White leather graces all the upper seat backs and headrests.  On the lower two-thirds of each seat, mottled grey alcantara leather creates a stunning visual contrast.

In the same "Feel Good" spirit, and echoing the grey felt of the "Ë" iPad cover available in the collection, the dashboard in front of the passenger is decorated in a Mottled Grey, soft-to-the-touch fabric. Harmoniously upholstered, the higher section is home to an embossed Ë logo, recalling the concept car's kinship with the capsule collection, and two straps in white leather. First seen on the C4 Cactus, these last are inspired by the worlds of travel and leather goods. As with the seatbelts, the contours of the straps are composed of the fine red and blue detailing specific to the "Ë" collection.

Lastly, to underscore the elegance and spaciousness of the cabin, an aluminium-coloured strip – a reference to the Ë jacket and Ë parka and their gloss grey high-tech material – features across the entire width of lower part of the dashboard.


The SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept's adventuresome look and raised ground clearance (60 mm higher than the production model) make it the ideal companion for intense, nomad lifestyles dedicated to leisure.


Designed for unlimited adventure and powered by the BlueHDi 150 S&S diesel with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept boasts top-level all-terrain abilities and ride comfort whatever the environment. For intensive use it is equipped with a special disengageable 4x4 transmission. This 4WD conversion, also feasible on the production version of the SpaceTourer and already available on special order in the Citroën network, was realised by the Brand's partner Automobiles Dangel, a French all-terrain specialist. Offering even greater motoring freedom, the drive train offers 4x4 abilities while safeguarding the roadholding and intrinsic performance and safety of the SpaceTourer. The all-terrain system ensures traction in low-grip situations. Drivers can get themselves out of sticky situations thanks to the car's rear axle lock system controlled via a thumbwheel on the dashboard. The 4WD conversion is even more efficient on the XS version. Thus equipped, the SpaceTourer is even more effective on difficult surfaces.

Ideal for "tribes" of families and friends looking for stylish and relaxed motoring adventures, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept has a high-set driving position, a warm interior and peerless comfort. As befits a functional and welcoming vehicle, boot access is enhanced by the opening rear window and cabin access by two hands-free sliding side doors. This last feature is a first in the segment. Motorists can open and close the doors with their hands full and comfortably access the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept. The occupants are treated to 74 litres of open storage spaces (glove boxes) and closed storage spaces (door bins) ingeniously located around the cabin. There is also sufficient space in the back to house a snowboard, leisure accessories or other items from the "Ë" collection. The concept car has a load volume of up to two cubic metres in this four-seat layout.


Featuring extended mobility and all of Citroën's expertise in ride comfort and practicality, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is also fitted with new technologies for the well-being of drivers and passengers. Faithful to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme that informs not just styling but technology, too, the concept car is equipped with a range of equipment for extra practicality and safety.

The Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept makes life easier with a new-generation telematics system including:

- CITROËN Connect Nav: the new 3D navigation system controlled by voice recognition or the 7-inch touchscreen,

- Mirror Screen: replicating smartphone apps on the 7-inch tablet.

For even more peace of mind at the wheel, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept places the following conveniently in the driver's sight:

- Head-up display: drivers keep their eyes on the road while checking essential driving information on a transparent blade;

- Top Rear Vision: the rear camera sends a reconstituted image to the 7-inch touchscreen of the area behind the vehicle with a 180° seen-from-above angle;

- Blind spot monitoring system: informs drivers when a vehicle is in their blind spot.

 And for even more comfortable and safer escapades, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is equipped with:

- Speed limiter, road sign reading and recommendations function: drivers are informed at any time of information on current traffic limits, with the possibility of using them for their cruise control and speed limiter settings,

- Automatic beam function: controls nighttime switches between high and low beams depending on traffic,

- Lane departure warning system: alerts drivers when the vehicle crosses a line marking with the indicator off.

 Further technologies for safety:

- Active Safety Brake: helps to reduce bodily harm by breaking in the place of the driver,

- Collision Risk Alert: warns drivers of a risk of imminent collision.

- Adaptive cruise control: drivers let the vehicle adapt to the speed of the car in front.

A bold expression of the Brand's "Be Different, Feel Good" claim, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept will be making its debut appearance on the Citroën stand at the Geneva Motor Show on the Press Days of 7 and 8 March.