The CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport concept car is making its world debut at the 74th International Motor Show in Geneva. This creation, which reflects the renewed vitality of the brand, is the result of close cooperation between the Citroën stylists and the Citroën sport team.

The CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport shows the shape of things to come. And it is being unveiled at a time when the 2003 World Rally Champion, the Xsara WRC, is carrying all before it, with two consecutive wins in the first two rounds of the 2004 WRC season in Monte Carlo and Sweden.

The presentation of the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport clearly demonstrates Citroën’s commitment to continued involvement in motor sport at the world's highest level.

Racing Spirit

 The CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport concept car is not constrained by the limitations of sporting regulations and represents a bold stylistic development that offers a futuristic vision of post-Xsara WRC competition cars. The CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport is a ground-breaking project with a strong personality, an eloquent expression of vitality and vigour in the guise of a rally car. Its colourful, exciting character conveys an impression of sheer mechanical power.

The brand continues its strategy of renewal with the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport, a concept car that is more distinctive than ever and that clearly expresses the energy and drive embodied by motor sport.

 Front end : a family likeness

 The front end of the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport is one of its most distinctive features, structured around the twin chrome chevrons that proudly identify the brand. The curved bonnet, punctuated by incisive ridges, gives the impression of pent-up power. The front headlights extend to both the bonnet and the side panels, blending into the profile of the wheel arches.

The distinctive front lights make a significant contribution to the car's personality, expressing energy, drive and determination. The internal structure of the headlights reflects the high level of technology, and their shape exhibits both the power and the elegance of the vehicle.

The boomerang shaping of the headlights gives the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport an intense, determined look.The shape of the front lights enhances the fluid lines of the car, encouraging admirers to follow the continuous movement from the front end of the vehicle towards the wings in unbroken motion.

A breath-taking profile

The car's personality comes from its shape, which combines the flowing lines of the roof panels and quarter lights with the sharp angles of the rear window. The aerial view of the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport highlights its dynamic character and illustrates its innovative styling.

CITROËN C4 Sport in Geneva

The roof extends right to the rear of the car, giving the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport a particularly lithe profile and indicating excellent aerodynamic performance. The lines of the roof combine with the shape of the quarter window to suggest strong acceleration and heighten the perception of vitality. The length of the roof and the sudden vertical drop at the rear appear to shift the passenger compartment backwards, giving the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport a compact, stable but sporty appearance. The impression of energy is further enhanced by the very short rear overhang.

An avant-garde rear

All the energy conveyed by the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport is visible in the rear three-quarter view. The highly distinctive sudden drop of the roof at the rear creates an impression of power.

CITROËN C4 Sport in Geneva

And the flow of the roof arches, accentuated by the shape of the rear windows, enhances the car’s flowing lines. The passenger compartment is exceptionally bright and airy thanks to a totally transparent rear roof section that merges with the hatch window.

The roof arches make the car appear wide around the waistline, creating an impression of stability.The highly aerodynamic, centrally-positioned wing is styled strictly for racing!

A WRC interior with a GT touch

The CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport’s passenger compartment is designed for competition, reflecting Citroën Sport’s experience in the World Rally Championship, but offers a few refined additions for greater style and comfort.

The usual composite materials have been embellished with leather fittings worthy of the most prestigious GT vehicles. The two-tone red and black leather upholstery is stamped with the insignia of the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport. The leather-covered door panels, bucket seats and steering wheel provide the CITROËN C4 Citroën Sport concept car with a dimension that reaches far beyond the realms of motor sports. A concept car that is an expression of harmony, but that packs a stunning punch too.

Main dimensions

 Length: 4,286 mm

Width: 1,790 mm

Wheel base: 2,600 mm

Height: 1,400 mm

Front track: 1,597 mm

Rear track: 1,597 mm

SOURCE: Citroen