The Škoda Ahoj! is a design study compact mini-automobile for everyday use. It is also the ideal entrance gate to the motoring world for all young active people to whom it promises the dream of independence.

The Ahoj! was not created for the purpose of representing the frail fashion trends or the social status of the owner. The potential customer in this vehicle sees an ideal companion that radiates a sense for fun and practicality at the same time. He also appreciates its unique image.

The rather small vehicle offers surprising space. The wheels are positioned in the corners of the bodywork, and the front axle is positioned at the furthest point in front. For this reason, the legroom for the passengers on the front seats is a real luxury. The lowered line of the side windows provides a better view out of the vehicle also for children. The roof bars can be changed from longitudinal to transverse just by turning them.

source: Skoda