Pioneering Aesthetics in Tension, the World Premiere of Brand-new Concept WEY-S

At the auto show, the brand-new concept car of WEY-S under the ownership of WEY has realized its world premiere. This car represents the modeling orientation of the VV5 of the second generation. Coming in the design language of "pioneering aesthetics in tension", the sharp chamfering and multi-dimensional shape change serve to create a dynamic and fashionable style favored by the young. In the meantime, the design details of electronic exterior rear-view mirrors and streamline modeling have greatly reduced the air resistance and boosted the endurance. The diamond cut surface is extracted as the main element of the interior design, with the mirror edge manifesting a great sense of technology and the future.

The efficient power performance of WEY is astonishing with a maximum power of 260 KW, an acceleration time of 4.9s from 0km/h to 100km/h, and an enduring mileage up to 400 km under the WLTC standard. The all-electric four-wheel drive system can be set with two AWD models of smart four-wheel drive and positive four-wheel drive, enabling drivers to enjoy driving. In the meanwhile, WEY-S is equipped with L4 automatic driving, live-ware monitoring and remote monitoring functions, making the driving process more comfortable and safer. The cutting-edge humanized technologies of Bluetooth key, intelligent facial recognition, gesture operation and AR navigation make it more convenient for travel.

“We hope to establish the relationship with the young by WEY-S and meet their demands in technology, product, image and culture. Such a trend has always driven us to move forward and posted a profound influence on our design.”, said Ramon Ginah, Brand Design Director of WEY.