Dimensions: Length: 2977 Cm | Width: 1663 Cm | Height: 1759 Cm | Wheelbase: 1441 Cm |


- Full 4 seater - 5 adults when parked

- The two full front seats with their integrated seat belts are not placed symmetrically but side by side

- Driver’s seat is able to rotate to a reverse position, with doors shut. In reverse position the drivers seat covers the driving controls, that folds up on the dashboard

- Front passenger seat in commanding view, foot massage in separate foot area from driver's one, travel of passenger seat 50% more than normal cars

- ISOFIX-anchor on front passenger seat with range of positions that puts the baby seat within easy reach for driver and rear passenger

- Small jump seat that folds down across cargo well, allowing a 5th person to sit in the car when it is stationary and that opens up a luggage space for a suitcase when folded

- New interior layout promote a socializing atmosphere around working, chatting, watching films or playing video games

- Pop up 17-inch screen, which retracts to 1/3 when driving. Allows navigation and driving-related information but does not interfere with sightlines. It is operated via a second, smaller touch screen with a sliding metal mask that guides the driver’s fingers and reduces the need to take one’s eyes off the road

- Engineered for a drop down table from the roof liner

- REDS is the first car that can actually claim to have a wrap around rear love seat

- Luggage storage: a trolley in the trunk and a second one in the cockpit. The space behind the rear seat can hold a folding stroller while next to it a large suitcase will drop in at the same time.

- Driver’s door has an armrest that is also a purse-bin

- The air outlets in the instrument panel swivel 180 degrees to help defrost the windshield,

- Drop down tailgate seat to keep the groceries from falling out or to sit on when you change your shoes.


- Dramatic new design language

- Negative front wind shield and zero tumblehome (the interior is in the shadow of its roof to reduce heat cons)

- Roofline larger than cars that are a meter longer than REDS, therefore larger solar panel of any other small car

- Half moon window

- Cartesian doors system, that bring the roof with the doors when opening, giving an extra 20 cm protection against rain

- Three wings for air guidance: front roof, rear roof and A pillars

- Aerodynamics: similar to small delivery van or SUV (top speed is in 120 + km/h, therefore aerodynamics drag is not that relevant)

Technical information

- Top electronic on-board driving systems

- Impact zone: excellent crash performances

- Passive safety and active safety are at highest performances, but besides that this car is also able to communicate a Sense of security

- Suspension system designed by Italian racing engineers

- Fully electric vehicle with a rear wheel drive

- Target range is at top of class

- Target acceleration 0-50 km/h, best in class

- Turning radius: smallest of its class