Project N is a super intelligent terminal developed by PATEO. It has several cutting-edge technologies such as natural human-computer interface, high intelligent artificial technology, driverless driving, big data cloud and new energy solution.

Project N Highlights

- (N for No compromise) Experience without constraint:

It changes the passive and cold relationship between human and vehicle (machine), It provides extreme experience by mutually benefiting, trusting, integrating and understanding between People and vehicle, and builds an comfortable and exclusive space for People.  

- (N for Nature User Interface) Invisible interface:

It breaks rule that only digital screens show information. The concept “interface” is expanded to various layers that naturally contacts with and can be apperceived by people inside and outside the vehicle. For instance, the Project N can identify the owner by scanning his iris, and display information in the sunroof, back as well as interior of the car to build an integrated interface.

- (N for Know-how) Intelligent technology:

Developing new science and technology is not only the solid fundament of building the Natural User Interface (NUI), but also a guarantee for consolidating and expanding the experience without constraint between human and vehicle (machine). The Project N is equipped with iVoka Cloud, intelligent navigation, voice control, TSP( Telematic Service Provider) and self-maintenance function.

PATEO Debuts Project N, The Very First Intelligent Concept Car In China

PATEO, thebiggest telematics and car connectivity service provider in China debuts its intelligent concept car- Project N at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. “E-Motion it”, the promotion tagline, summarizes the highlights of the company’s latest innovation, a super intelligent terminal that is environmental harmless, and can sense, predict and interact with its users. A long term collaboration with Professor Chris Atkeson, from the RoboticsInstitute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie MellonUniversity was announced on the press day, by PATEO’s chairman Mr.Yilun YING and Freeman SHEN, executive director &CEO, which marks a joint commitment in R&Ds of in-vehicle personal health care robot, AI (artificial Intelligence) and machine learning of IVI (in-vehicle information system), autonomous driving and iCar development platform.

Steered by PATEO’s 15 years know-how in car users’ after sales services and V2V, V2X connectivity experience, the very first intelligent vehicle concept presented has a number of cutting edge technologies that are built around People, they are -

User interface in a natural way

The concept “interface” is expanded to various layers that can be naturally perceived by people inside and outside of the car.  The iris scan key is a fun feature for future users to check in, while sunroof or even rear windshield can be the touch screen for information and entertaining services. Regarding your emotions, are you happy or not? The super intelligent companion can read your expressions and gestures, and decide if a comforting hug or a cheering high-five shall be given.

Autonomous driving: Safer and 0 emissions

Project N allows hand off drive by the breakthrough autonomous driving technology. The central control processor will take over when activated, a safe and 0-emission journey is not imaginative anymore. The electric motor delivers a maximum output of 884hp (650kw), and with a mileage in full charge of 800km, by an energy-optimized 145 kw lithium-ion battery pack.  It can be recharged from a regular power outlet (21KW) at home or in a parking lot. Recharging time varies by KW. A full charge with 201KW takes 7 hours, which can be cut to 70mins with a 210KW super charger.

Connectivity and extra comfort

PATEO’s award winningiVoka ecosystem platform enables a wide range of values in users’ daily life.  The connectivity shown on Project N can predict traffic in real time, turn on your air conditioning when you return home and keep you connected in your social network. Your settings and preferences from your phone will be preserved, but the interaction is done through a safe and secure interface. When the car is connected, basically a connected assistant is started. Navigation, information, car control, entertaining, connectand services are all integrated, pushing the bar of an enjoyable driving/riding experience.

"Technically this intelligent vehicle can be considered as a personal driving companion, which is human-friendly, safe and smart, similar to our companion robots… and we can do many things to make sure that every trip is enjoyable, even for people with disabilities and illness, and eventually, to make everyone’s life much easier and better. " stated professor Atkeson on his team up with PATEO.