U Concept – “Ultimate Mobility”

The U Concept was designed as a driveable and autonomous communal space for road travel. Like the H & A concepts it utilises the packaging advantages of the in-wheel hub motors - which don’t take up any additional interior space – to provide for superior aerodynamic performance and interior space within the given foot print of the vehicle. More specifically the superior aerodynamics are also provided by diverting the airflow along the inward facing sides of the front wheels and out along the sides of the vehicle. This feature is named “A.F.I.R.M.” (Air Flow Integration and Reclamation Management).

Like the H concept, the U concept also uses “A.C.C.S.I.” – the “Advanced Chassis Control Steering Integration” – which are the electric-mechanical “movable aero wheel covers” providing further aerodynamic efficiency.

This concept incorporates “A.C.E.S” – a unique “Articulated Cockpit Entry System” – a synchronised articulated door system that not only aids ingress and egress but demonstrates a world’s first for the opening mechanism of its rear door.

For the interior of the U concept, there is also “P.E.A.C.E” – its “PDLC Enclosure Advanced Cockpit Entry”. In autonomous mode, the unique PEACE system - with the aid of high-tech PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass - provides better relaxation and privacy by being able to alter the degree of the side window transparency from transparent to opaque.

Additionally, there is “E.A.S.E.” – an “Electronic Advanced Surreal Environment”. This feature is a combination of big screens wrapping the occupants in a “U” (being mounted on the front foot well and lower door panels). It provides a visual online connection and can provide any virtual image such as the surreal image of clouds in a blue sky to create any environment you wish. Another feature of the EASE is that you can use the exterior mounted cameras to relay the visual environment around the vehicle giving a sense of transparency.

The rear part of the interior was designed to enhance the communal feel of a future autonomous vehicle by having the opposing facing seats.