H Concept – “Hypervelocity”

The H concept was designed from the inside out and created around it’s unique aerodynamic air “flow-through” concept that dictated an innovative 3 seater layout. This enhances its aerodynamic efficiency - and hence its on road performance and/or its range. This feature is named “A.F.I.R.M.” (Air Flow Integration and Reclamation Management).

Coupled with an F1 inspired pushrod suspension design (that also aids A.F.I.R.M.) that further enhances its road handling, the H concept also features “A.C.C.S.I.” – Human Horizon’s patented “Advanced Chassis Control Steering Integration” – which is a world-first electric-mechanical “movable aero wheel cover” providing further aero efficiency.

This concept also incorporates “A.C.E.S” – a unique “Articulated Cockpit Entry System” – a synchronised articulated door system that not only aids ingress and egress but looks fascinating – like a beetle opening its wings – in operation!

For the interior of the H concept, there is also “P.E.A.C.E” – its “PDLC Enclosure Advanced Cockpit Entry”. In autonomous mode, the unique PEACE system - with the aid of high-tech PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass - provides better relaxation and privacy by being able to alter the degree of the side window transparency from transparent to opaque.

Another interior and operational feature is the concept’s “RE.C.E.S.S.” – a “Re-Configurable Cockpit Electric Steering System”. This out-of-the-box thinking re-configurable cockpit system uses drive-by-wire technology and a steering wheel that can be moved to any of the 3 seating positions within the vehicle enabling any one of the 3 passengers to drive.

Additionally, there is “E.A.S.E.” – an “Electronic Advanced Surreal Environment”. This feature is a massive interior screen that provides visual online connection and could provide any virtual image such as a surreal image of clouds in a blue sky to create any environment you wish.