Original name: 海马曜

The First Show of B Segment Sedan - Haima Automobile Carries all Models to Make Exhibition at Auto China 2012

On April 23, 2012, 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition makes a grand opening at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Automobile manufacturers from all over the world participates in the exhibition with their best models. Haima Automobile, led by its first B segment concept sedan "YAO", brings the entire family of models to make a high-profile show at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition . In addition to the B segment concept sedan "YAO", New Haima 3 and New Haima 3 VS, which were just launched,  Haima 2 2012 version, Haima 7 2012 version, Freema 2012 version , New Haima 3 CTCC racing car, New Haima 3 Electric Vehicle and HM484Q-E (1.8T) Engine, have all made debut at this exhibition.

 At this automotive exhibition, the most talked about model of Haima Automobile is the first newly-built B segment concept sedan - YAO. Born from the most advanced B segment platform independently developed by Haima Automobile and cost three-year's efforts, oriented at consumer demands, and based on the development and application of new technologies, YAO is a safe, reliable, elegant and green car with intelligent technologies.

 YAO’s designs take full account of the aesthetic needs of the consumers of B segment sedan, integrate the latest advanced design concepts, and highlight the vehicle’s elegant and stylish charm. With body length of 4845mm, long wheelbase of 2800mm, it is not only in the forefront of B segment sedan market, but also brings the exclusive enjoyment given by large space, and creates a more spacious and comfortable driving experience.

YAO conforms to market consumption trends, and integrates intelligent technologies. In the power system, YAO will be equipped with the engine with gasoline direct injection technology independently developed by Haima Automobile, and the more advanced 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic transmission, to fully meet the dual needs of power and fuel economy. The application of intelligent technologies such as vehicle information system, EBA, TCS, ESP, TPMS, BCM body control modules, cruise control system, AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System), headlights washing system and keyless entry, makes YAO full of attractions of science and technology.

In safety technologies, YAO is designed in accordance with E-NCAP 5-star standard. Haima Automobile cooperates with world-renowned enterprises to conduct systematic matching on YAO’s vehicle safety performance, in addition to routine passive safety features of B segment sedans, YAO also features in front active safety headrests, front 4-sensor parking radar and front airbags for knees which are rare among cars of the same segment, to fully meet safety needs of users.

In environmental protection, YAO is also consistent with the lower fuel consumption standard. Through lightweight body design, YAO’s lightweight coefficient reaches 4.19. Through advanced windage reduction technology, YAO's windage coefficient is only 0.28. Meanwhile, YAO also adopts start-stop technology to save energy. The integrated use of these means effectively reduces YAO's energy consumption, and bring consumers a more environmentally friendly car.

As a new strategic model of Haima Automobile, YAO inherits the heritage of decades of Haima Automobile brand and technology accumulation, carries the important task of Haima Automobile’s brand positioning and continuous improvement, and showes Haima Automobile’s strength of independence and high-end brand.

Among the exhibited models of mass production cars, New Haima 3 Sedan and Hatchback VS which made debut at the same time and were launched on April 11 are also highlighted models of Haima Automobile at the exhibition. On the basis of Haima 3, comprehensive improvements of appearance, safety and features have been carried out for New Haima 3. More absorbed European popular elements for the appearance, the brand new European sharp "X"-type face and the sharp and dynamic eagle-eye headlights, give people a strong visual impact. The most noteworthy point is the "Angel Wings" twin-color taillights of New Haima 3 Hatchback VS, which are gorgeous and dynamic and show the owner’s personalized charm of youth, fashion and pursuing of quality.

Haima 7, as Haima Automobile’s first B segment SUV, has implemented Haima Automobile’s car-making philosophy of "making the refined" from development to marketing. Through excellent quality and marketing activities such as Driving Along Yellow River by 10,000 km, Assisting Silk Road Applying for World Heritage, Haima has achieved initial success in B segment SUV market, which fully demonstrated Haima Automobile’s brand appeal, and provided experience and confidence for Haima Automobile to explore B segment sedan market.

The newly upgraded Haima 2 2012 version will launch individual versions with differences in features, appearances and performances by targeting at different habits and demand preferences of men and women. Haima 2 2012 version, besides two displacements of 1.3L and 1.5L, also offers a variety of interior colors to meet consumers’ characteristics of pursuing fashion.

MPV Freema, with virture of its varied and throughtful interior cabin space, can meet more people’s traveling and  variety of car use demands. It is especially welcomed by private owners, and has maintained a good reputation in this market segment with a steadily rising sale.

In the implementation of the strategy of "Blue Engine", Haima Automobile also exhibits the latest result - New Haima 3 Electric Vehicle and HM484Q-T (1.8T) turbocharged engine.

It is not difficult to see from this year's lineup of exhibited models that Haima Automobile's products have covered the segments of A0, A, MPV, SUV, and B. The transition from the “mid-size car expert" to "sedan expert" has basically been completed, and the sound products family will make Haima Automobile calmly deal with market competition and risk.

Haima Automobile is also keen for the public welfare, which is inextricably linked with its corporate philosophy of "Seize the Day, Seize the Hour”.

In the public welfare activity of "Go to school" co-sponsored with Music Radio in 2011, Haima Automobile has successfully helped 5504 children in poor areas to get three-year "one to one" grants. In 2012, Haima Automobile will once again join hands with Music Radio and continually promote this public welfare activity.

Mr. Wu Gang, Deputy General Manager of Haima Automobile, said that with this big platform of Beijing Automotive Exhibition, and the moment of major concern, we hoped that through our own meagre strength, more people would understand the activity of "Go to school", so that more people could get involved.

From attacking B segment sedan market to further improving products family, to adhering to the three-dimensional marketing and tirelessly exploring a new marketing model for Chinese brands, and to the commitment to corporate social responsibility, Haima has completed the preliminary cultivation of independent mode, created a brand with focusing on both brand popularity and reputation, and improved itself constantly. It is reasonable to believe that in the future, Haima Automobile will go further and faster on its road of independence.