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Zava Hypercars starts crowdfunding campaign to bring PrometheuS into reality

Feb 06, 2019

ZAVA PrometheuS: the e-Revolution has started

- Online the innovative crowdfunding campaign on the famous international platform Indiegogo, with the aim to realize the PrometheuS prototype, a breakthrough electric Hypercar controlled by neuronal systems

- World’s first "open source" automotive project realized thanks to the contribution of passion, ideas and suggestions of the web audience and with "Made in Italy" - home of the Supercars - know-how, design and technology

- Development concept based on the weight/torque ratio of 1:1

- Cutting-edge single-seater design, active aerodynamics, ultralight materials, new generation batteries, fast charge induction system and up to 500 km mileage

- 4 torque vectoring engines, 4 wheels drive and steering with a peak power over 1 MW (1,360 hp) and a peak torque over 1,600 Nm

- Neural connections between driver and control systems with Artificial Intelligence turn the vehicle into an extension of the human body

- RACING performance with ZERO emissions: acceleration 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds - the fastest among road vehicles - top speed over 350 km/h and up to 3.0 G front and side accelerations

- Campaign duration: 60 days with a funding target of 150K€

 "If you dream alone, it's just a dream. If we dream together, it's the beginning of a new reality".

This is the opening message from  the video of the Italian innovative start-up ZAVA Hypercars, that announces to the world the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on the famous international platform Indiegogo, with the target to create PrometheuS, the model that aims to revolutionize the Hypercar concept, as we know it today.

To achieve this, ZAVA Hypercars has completely rethought the way we conceive and design a vehicle. So, thanks to the electric propulsion, it’s possible to reduce and better distribute all the mechanical components, free from the traditional design constraints.

To minimize the center of gravity height and for optimal weight distribution, the driver's seat is located in a center position, the flat batteries are located under the floor, while the engines and control units are placed at the center of the individual axles, in the lowest possible position. Moreover, in consideration of the superiority in terms of response quickness and speed, typical of the electric propulsion engines compared to traditional combustion engines, the common design concept  based on the weight/power ratio has been conceptually replaced by the weight/torque ratio, that in PrometheuS reaches the top-class value of 1:1.

Conceived with a "Made in Italy" - home of the Supercars - know-how, design and technology, the innovative electric Hypercar has a cutting-edge aerodynamic design, ultra-light materials such as carbon, graphene, titanium, magnesium, aluminum and innovative components such as: Laser/OLED screens and headlights; electric active suspensions with regenerative/recharge functions; tires and wheels with unusual diameter equipped with active aerodynamics to ensure high top speeds, greater stability and dynamic, better traction and driving precision; next generation infotainment systems.

For the first time in the automotive sector new neuronal technologies are debuting, able to monitor the driver's physical condition through real-time interaction between mind-car and eye-hands-commands, turning the vehicle into an extension of the human body, with a deeper connection between pilot and control systems able to adopt active corrective supports, adapting performance and maximizing the response to driver inputs.

As shown with two concepts in 1:5 and 1:10 scale - printed with 3D technology - exhibited in international previews in October 2018 at the Real Bodies expo in Milan and in November 2018 at the Formnext fair in Frankfurt, external design is futuristic, with breakthrough shapes, proportions and technical solutions aimed at maximize aerodynamic efficiency, such as active flaps inspired by supersonic jets and design that is a reminiscence of the science fiction vehicles. As a result, the single-seat cockpit surrounds the driver, with an upwards opening glass to facilitate entry and exit and with a “state-of-the-art” technologies and equipment in terms of HMI interface, driver assistance and infotainment such as: steering wheel with transparent display, OLED screens, three-dimensional HUD, gesture and voice commands, 360° cameras with Laser/Lidar sensors, 5G network connection with IOT ("Internet Of Things") functions and "live" navigation.

The specifications and performances are reference for the market and better than any Hypercar equipped with traditional or hybrid engine: over 1,360 HP (1 MW) and over 1,600 Nm are the peak power and torque values supplied by the 4 light and compact electric motors with independent torque vectoring function with 4 wheels drive and steering system, able to achieve a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 2 seconds - the fastest among road vehicles - and a top speed of over 350 Km/h. All this with ZERO emissions. Moreover, the dynamic performances reach levels close to motorsport categories such as Formula 1 or WEC and, therefore, without any rival among today's Hypercar in terms of front/side accelerations and braking, with values up to 3.0 G.

A further record, for an electric vehicle with Hypercar features and performance, is the mileage that can reach up to 500 km with a full recharge, thanks to new generation batteries, a fast charging system with induction technology and also to the 4 engines and to the special electric active suspensions with regenerative mode, that are able to recharge the batteries during braking, low speed and cushioning phases.

The production will be limited to 50 units only and each car will be totally "tailor made". The customer will have the opportunity to access a specific and dedicated program with almost unlimited customization possibilities that will allow him to "create" his own customized vehicle. Each of the 50 units produced will therefore become a "one off" thanks to a “not replicating” exclusive guarantee for the specific customizations developed by and for each customer.

ZAVA Hypercars aims to develop and apply the most advanced green and Artificial Intelligence technologies available on its PrometheuS Hypercar, offering to a new generation of customers the chance to experience unique driving emotions, combined with unprecedented reference performance, in an environmental friendly way and with full safety. A never seen combination impossible for a high performance car until today.

However, limiting the ZAVA Hypercars VISION only to technical specifications and the high performances of the PrometheuS Hypercar, would be reductive and would not allow people to fully understand the ZAVA Hypercars MISSION that is the main target behind the birth of the Italian start-up.

But the innovative philosophy of ZAVA goes beyond the electric Hypercar project.

PrometheuS was conceived as a groundbreaking concept for the car industry: the aim is to develop and build a vehicle equipped with the latest ZERO emission technology, man-machine interaction neuronal systems based on “state of the art” Artificial Intelligence, superior performance and higher exclusivity than traditional competitors, through an innovative “open source” program in which involve the web audience and anyone who wants to become an active part of the initiative.

This will happen through various planned development milestones. The first step is the  innovative crowdfunding campaign within the well-known Indiegogo international platform launched today with the aim to raise enough funds to realize the PrometheuS prototype and to show it to the international audience.

To make this social sharing initiative comes true, ZAVA Hypercars created special PERKS that, in addition to providing exclusive REWARDS, will allow supporters to become an active part of ZAVA start-up. For example, they could appear on the "WALL OF SUPPORTERS", a special section of the official ZAVA Hypercars website, in which they also declare to the world that they are supporting and that they are part of the project. In addition to that, they could also have access to a special selection of ZAVA branded merchandising products, available in limited edition, specifically and exclusively created for the crowdfunding campaign.

Furthermore, the most enthusiastic supporters of the ZAVA PrometheuS project could be also involved, through direct tools like special Survey, in the next development steps, such as the definition of the technical and building specs and details, the palette color definition for the exterior and interior variations and about the available accessories; or they could become ZAVA Advisor to help the start-up regarding the most important strategic business decisions, through dedicated conference calls. And finally, the possibility, for a limited number of exclusive supporters, to participate as a VIP Guest at the track test sessions or at the PrometheuS international reveal event or to acquire special stock-options of the company.

Therefore, from simple followers, the project's supporters will become the main ambassadors, promoters and active parts of the initiative, spreading and sharing the idea to the world.

ZAVA Hypercars ultimate target is realize its e-Revolution, the first “open source” automotive project in the world, with the VISION to spread and share all the technological innovations developed and introduced on the PrometheuS electric Hypercar, in order to generate benefit for everyone life quality, revolutionizing the mobility of tomorrow.

The crowdfunding campaign will last 60 days with a fundraising goal of 150K€.

To access the ZAVA Hypercars campaign page on Indiegogo, click on the following LINK.