Some people love to travel by car. It saves them having to walk or take a bus or train. Folks enjoy the measure of independence that it provides. Sadly, that’s not the whole picture. The reality is that more and more people are buying cars, and roads and motorways are filling up with pollution and congestion. Anyone who has researched accident statistics will know that car crashes have become an all too common daily incidence. 

Should it happen to you, you may find yourself dazed, angry, and in pain. In fact, things may never be the same again. When someone is left in a traumatized state after a road incident, the last thing they will want is a drawn-out legal battle against another party. If someone else was responsible for the accident, however, this is precisely what may occur. The other person may even deny it was their fault. Without a sound knowledge of the law, it can be an overwhelming task for an accident victim. This article provides sound reasons why it’s best to employ the services of a lawyer right from the start. 

They Have The Expertise

What may be unchartered territory for you will be highly familiar to a car accident attorney. The lawyers at say specialists in personal injury law frequently have to deal with cases of negligence or even malicious acts involving vehicles. Such people are paid to provide their clients with legal counsel and representation from the beginning to the end of the process, even if it ends up in court. 

They Can Collate The Documents

Lawyers will be fully aware of what they need to gather, ready for presenting a strong claim for compensation due to negligence. This will include a Police crash report if they were required to attend the accident scene. Photographic evidence can be key in winning legal cases. This will include pictures of the person’s injuries, and the damage sustained to their car. 

An attorney will require proof of loss of earnings while the accident victim was off work. They will also need to collect all the medical bills. They would include those for appointments, hospital stays, prescription medication, and any medical appliances that have been purchased.

They Deal With The Insurance Companies

Accident victims should make one accident statement to the lawyer. They should not provide one directly to the other party’s insurance company.

It is the attorney’s job to be the voice of their client. They will know that insurance companies will try and deny or reduce the liability of the other party. They seek to minimize payouts and employ their own attorneys to support that aim. 

They Deal With The Medical Aspects

Your attorney will know that the request for financial compensation cannot be finalized until there has been a final medical diagnosis. Some secondary health issues may take time to materialize. Once a settlement offer has been accepted, it will be impossible to go back for more money should the victim have additional issues. Specialist referrals and reports can all take time. It’s then and only then that the attorney will have the full picture. 

Sometimes insurance companies try to ‘blind the injured party with science’ using complex medical terminology, in order to reduce the financial payout. Experienced lawyers will be familiar with the medical language, and more able to deal with such situations. 

They Create The Big Picture

Lawyers gain statements from any witnesses to the accident. They may even attend the incident site to take photographs. They often seek video footage if it is available. 

Lawyers can also help set up incident reconstructions where other professionals make their own comments and reports. 

They Think Of The Future

It may be that the accident victim was off work while they received medical treatment. If their future earnings will be impaired following the crash - or they will never work again - the lawyer will factor this into their claim for compensation. Future medical costs would also have to be included. Perhaps medication will be permanently required, or medical appliances such as wheelchair ramps or stairlifts will need to be bought. An attorney may employ an actuary to help with calculating a realistic compensation claim. Lawyers will help their clients regarding any early settlement offers, Part 36 offers, or Interim Settlement payments. 

As we can see, legal professionals can help their clients from many angles. Whilst this assistance will incur a fee, most people gain more compensation with their help than without. Justice can be sought, and the victim can be free to carry on with their life.