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What Are The Most Surprisingly Unreliable Cars?

Jul 22, 2022

Having a car can make our lives a lot easier – we can get from A to B with ease, whenever we need to. If you're thinking about buying a car, you might not know where to start, and it's no surprise with the huge range of vehicles on the market. There are factors to consider that might make your decision a little easier. Maybe a smaller run around for shorter journeys, or a larger, spacious car to fit your family? You should also consider car finance – there is a range of options available to ensure you can get the car best suited for you. You could even choose a bad credit car finance option if you've had trouble qualifying for loans in the past.

One of the most important factors that we need to consider when choosing a new car, is reliability. This is essential and means that you can trust the model you're buying to be efficient and last you as long as you need without any major issues. It is a good idea to do some research on the car you're buying to find out if other users think it is reliable. Here are a few unreliable cars and brands that you might be surprised at!

How do you decide if a car is unreliable?

Reliability basically means performing well. When we talk about a car being reliable, there are a couple of main factors to look for. You can tell if a new car is unreliable if they have had one or more breakdowns over a 5-year period, or if they have regular faults, like problems with the electrics inside the car, lights, mirrors, or alarms. More serious issues that make a car unreliable could be due to engine issues, or the fuel system. If you're researching a brand or specific model of car before you buy, make a note of any issues that crop up more than once from previous users.


The vehicle built for rough terrain has changed a lot over the years, but with the changes in design have come issues with various other parts of the car, that have resulted in it being classed as unreliable. Although issues can occur with this brand, it is said that newer vehicles are more reliable as the issues tend to occur on older models.

Some of the issues that you might find with a Jeep that decreases its reliability are slow and glitchy display systems, as well as a common issue that causes the vehicle to wobble, which happens due to issues with suspension. A lot of people choose a Jeep because of the brand's heritage, but if you're looking for dependability, Jeep may not be the one for you.


A very popular car brand, but some models are not so great when it comes to reliability. This brand is affordable and is no doubt popular with road users all over the world, but some models don't quite live up to standard according to the people that drive them. This may come as a surprise as Suzuki in general is praised for its dependability, and it's worth noting that not every Suzuki car has been said to have issues.

A few of the issues that seem to crop up in user reports are problems with headlight bulbs burning out prematurely, which is a reoccurring issue with many models. Suzuki's are also sensitive to the quality of fuel, meaning that the engine light can sometimes switch on unnecessarily. A lot of Suzuki drivers have also reported a rattling under the bonnet, this can be caused by a failed timing chain tensioner, which can be fixed, but can end up costly. Overall, these problems can be fixed and don't cause too much of an issue to the use of the vehicle, however, if you're buying a new car, having to pay for costly repairs is not ideal.


German cars that are said to be more reliable than other European counterparts, but in recent years, their reliability seems to have depleted. Again, it is worth noting that not all VW models are unreliable, and it is especially hard to measure in newer cars as they haven't been on the road long enough, however, this brand has some reliability issues. 

The common problems that users have come across in recent years include engine oil sludge, which stems from an undersized oil capacity. Another issue that Volkswagen drivers have come across is the 'check engine light' – this has become a running joke between drivers as the engine light in these vehicles seems to be on so often! 

These issues can be easily fixed, but when you're choosing a new car, you don't want to be heading back and forwards to a garage every few months, not to mention the money it could cost you.

Why research before you buy?

There are reviews for everything these days, cars included. One of the best ways that you can make sure you're choosing a vehicle that offers you everything you need is to research. Find out what others are saying about a chosen car, if they've had any issues or if there are any costly reoccurring problems. Doing this can ensure you're choosing a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective vehicle.