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What are the benefits of buying a brand-new electric car?

Jan 05, 2023

One of the biggest concerns when buying an electric vehicle is the cost. Despite government grants being available, they are still usually more expensive than their fuel-powered counterparts. However, electric vehicles are worth the higher price, boasting lower running costs, a better driving experience and cleaner emissions.

More individuals are now considering going down the used electric car route, although this reduced initial cost can often lead to further expenses down the line. Here we'll discuss why buying a brand-new electric car is the ideal choice and what benefits doing so can have.

Increased range

Similar to our smartphones, the batteries of electric cars will slowly degrade over time and will eventually need to be replaced. The reduction in its capacity to charge will affect the range of the vehicle, meaning the older the vehicle, the lower its efficiency will be.

By opting for a brand new model like the Vauxhall Mokka Electric, you ensure that the battery will last must longer and that everything is in perfect working order. Additionally, most new electric vehicles will come with an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty, which tends to cover the vehicle should the battery performance fall below 70-75% of the original.

Therefore, if you do decide to go for a used vehicle, it may well have fallen outside of its warranty and could suddenly need a replacement battery – which can be costly.

Newer Technology

Battery technology is constantly evolving and improving, especially since electric vehicles first arrived on the scene. For example, new lithium-ion batteries can now be charged and discharged up to 10,000 times and can be charged in as little as three minutes. The majority of these models can also now run for more than 200 miles just on one charge.

The battery in older electric car models will likely wear out much faster and will often have a lower range, meaning you'll need to charge much more often. Whilst this might be suitable for the occasional short trip, you'll still need to stop to charge regularly or invest in a home charger, otherwise, you may experience range anxiety.

Customisation Options

When buying a new electric vehicle, you have the option to tailor the specs to match your preference. This can include anything from the interior and colour of the vehicle to the additional safety features and add-on technology packages. Most of the non-standard features will incur further costs but what you choose is totally up to you.

If you purchase a used vehicle that lacks the features you desire, you may not be able to have them installed or they could be more expensive when added at a later date. The vehicle could also include features that you didn't want in the first place, which may even increase its price.