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Top Used Cars With Great Fuel Economy

Sep 30, 2022

Fuel economy generally refers to how many miles a car can go on a tank of gas. We will stick to the common definition with this list of used cars with great fuel economy. With EVs hitting the market, the term could include miles per charge, but we won't be looking at them here. If you want information on EV fuel economy, you can visit Consumer Reports and do some research on them.

There are three very distinct classes of used vehicles; cars, trucks, and SUVs. Each of them will have its most fuel-efficient vehicles, so we will need to take a look at the top contenders from each of them.

Used Trucks With Great Fuel Economy

Over the years, consumers have always found a use for a good truck. Even though older trucks may only get up to 10 miles per gallon, some of the newer versions on the market can get as much gas mileage as some cars. 

Of course, this will depend upon the year of the truck you want to purchase and the price tag associated with those trucks, but that is a topic for another time. Today, we are looking at the top three trucks with great fuel economy.

1. Ford Maverick Hybrid Lariat – This truck gets an average of 37mpg. On the highway, it can get up to 39mpg, while in town, it can drop as low as 33mpg. This truck is designed as an all-around compact truck.

2. Hyundai Santa Cruz SEL Premium – This truck averages 24 miles per gallon, with the highway mileage reaching 34mpg and town around 16. This truck is designed for open-road driving rather than daily in-town driving.

3. Chevrolet Colorado LT Diesel – This is another truck designed more for open-road travel. It gets an average of 24mpg, with in-town being as low as 16mpg. On the highways, though, this truck can get up to 34mpg.

These three used trucks will be the ones to consider when you want to buy one with good fuel economy. It is hard to find a truck that gets great mileage as a daily driver, but there are a few options available if you really need to have a truck in your life.

Used SUVs With Great Fuel Economy

SUVs have taken the world by storm. It is the perfect combination of space and usability. The fuel economy of these used cars that get good gas mileage needs to be broken down into two categories. The larger, more bulky SUVs are designed to offer more room, and the smaller ones still have a decent amount of space but are not as large.

1. Large SUVs – The large SUV with the best fuel mileage is the Toyota Venza XLE. It can get an average of 37mpg, with the highway mileage averaging around 42 and in-town mileage at 31mpg. This SUV is more suited for highway driving, but it can be used for both as long as it is understood that city driving will eat more fuel.

2. Small SUVs – The small SUV with the best fuel mileage is the Lexus NX350h. It gets an average of 38mpg, with in-town being 37mpg and highway economy at 39mpg. This is an all-around SUV designed for all types of daily driving.

Since SUVs are so popular among consumers now, it is important to know what your vehicle can get for mileage. Some of them will get great mileage for an SUV, while others will be more like owning a muscle car without the power.

Used Cars That Get Great Fuel Economy

Getting yourself into an excellent used car with great fuel mileage will not be as easy as you think. There are numerous classification types when it comes to a car, so we will cover the best out of each one. If you want more information on vehicles that get good mileage, visit Consumer Reports and read through them.

1. Hatchback/Wagon – The best wagon-type fuel-efficient car will be the Nissan Kicks SV. It can average around 32mpg, with the highway economy reaching 40mpg and the in-town driving at 24mpg.

2. Luxury Car – The most fuel-efficient used luxury car will be the BMW 330i Xdrive. It can get an average of 29mpg, with the city driving down as low as 19mpg and the highway as high as 44mpg.

3. Large Cars – The most fuel-efficient used large car will be the Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE. It can get an average of 42mpg, with in-town as low as 32mpg and highway driving all the way up to 52mpg.

4. Mid-Sized Cars – When it comes to fuel efficiency for used mid-sized cars, the Honda Accord Hybrid EX gets an average of 47mpg. It will average 40mpg and up to 52 on the highway in town.

5. Compact Cars – The most fuel-efficient compact car will be the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue. It will get an average of 48mpg, with highway driving up to 55mpg and city driving as low as 40mpg.

These are the primary five car classifications, but there are a few others. This will give you a good starting point for your research, which can span out from there.


Buying a used car with great fuel economy is much easier than finding an SUV or truck with the same feature. The problem is, though, that cars are limited in what they can do. This means that it is up to you and your needs if you go with a vehicle that can get outstanding fuel mileage or one of the other two classifications that may fit your needs a little better.