Were you thinking of buying a new car this year? Have you been seduced by those sexy adverts of shiny new cars slinking their way through tight streets in pretty foreign lands? Or perhaps it’s the rugged manly look of the mud-covered off-roader that has caught your eye? Or, is it neither of those? 

That New Car Feeling

Even if you weren’t thinking of buying a new car just yet, perhaps you want the feeling of it. The truth is, now is probably one of the best times to consider buying a used car instead. After all, what you can end up with might not be a ‘new’ car, but more of a new-to-you car.

Buying a used car usually makes much more sense over buying a new car and it’s not always due to finances either. Many online and in-person used car dealerships are staffed with experts, like those at House of Cars Arizona who are ready and willing to take your questions and give you honest answers every time.

Here are four reasons why we think buying a used car makes perfect sense.

Variety at Every Turn

Whoever said variety is the spice of life was definitely considering buying a used car! The truth is, there just isn’t much innovation going on with cars right now. They all seem to be pretty generic and boring looking and they all have practically the same specs. They’re even painted the same colors: white, gray, or black. 


You get a much better variety of choices when you look at used cars from the 60s right up to last week! You can choose whatever body, whatever color, and whatever trim you like!

You Get More Car for Less Money

Have you heard that new cars lose thousands of dollars off their value as soon as they are driven off of the forecourt? Sadly, this is true.

With a used car, you’ve already negated that problem of losing money, and you’re being sold a vehicle that is worth the money you’ll be spending on it. Plus, you won’t lose thousands just by driving it home.

Parts Galore

A HUGE bonus with an older used car is that the choice of parts is much better. New cars may contain proprietary parts, but older cars can generally take advantage of aftermarket parts

While many people think that aftermarket isn’t as good, most wouldn’t even notice the difference in say, tires or even coil springs and shock absorbers, all of the things that usually go wrong with any car. You can also get a cheaper deal using aftermarket parts for a dramatically reduced repair bill!

Enjoy Cheaper Insurance

Your shiny new 2020 model car sitting on your driveway is just asking to be stolen. Sadly, new cars are the target of more thefts than older ones, putting up the insurance premiums for new cars.

With an older used car, you’re much less of a target so you’ll have lower insurance premiums.