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TOKYO 2011 - Toyota brings five world premieres to Tokyo

Nov 15, 2011

toyota has issued the following press release:

tmc to unveil new concept cars at tokyo motor show

toyota city, japan, november 15, 2011—toyota motor corporation (tmc) will feature several concept cars to highlight its toyota-brand exhibit at the 42nd tokyo motor show.  the concepts aim to make fresh proposals concerning the dream and joy of motor vehicles under the concept "fun to drive, again."*1.  the show, under the theme "mobility can change the world", will be held from november 30 through december 11*2 at tokyo big sight in koto ward, tokyo.

the toyota-brand display will include a concept car that heralds a future where people, cars, and society are linked, as well as a compact rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle that reaffirms the joy of driving and the pleasure of motor vehicle ownership.  also planned for display are a diverse selection of next-generation eco-cars including a plug-in hybrid vehicle (phv), which represents the technology tmc considers best suited for widespread use to effectively meet co2 emissions restrictions and the diversification of energy.

overview of toyota-brand display vehicles for tokyo motor show 2011

1. toyota fun-vii (fun vehicle interactive internet)concept vehicle linking people, cars, and society
2. (yet unnamed)compact, rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle
3. prius plug-in hybridplug-in hybrid version of the prius
4. fcv-r (fuel cell vehicle - reality & revolution)fuel-cell vehicle
5. ft-ev iii (future toyota - electric vehicle iii)urban electric vehicle
6. aquacompact-class dedicated hybrid vehicle


separately from the motor show, at nearby mega web, tmc will hold hands-on events that will allow visitors the opportunity to test drive some of the display vehicles and experience future technologies.  tmc will also create a tokyo motor show portal site ( to stream information from the show along with virtual events introduced on the gazoo metapolis site (

tmc, seeking to be rewarded with a smile for exceeding expectations as stated in the global vision announced in march of this year, seeks to create harmony between its operations and host communities around the world through the creation of ever-better vehicles.

display vehicles

1. toyota fun-vii (world premiere)

a concept vehicle that heralds a future where people, cars and society are linked.

2. compact rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle (world premiere)

the prototype model of a compact rear-wheel-drive vehicle jointly developed by fuji heavy industries and tmc.

3. prius plug-in hybrid (japan premiere)

the prius plug-in hybrid, an environment-friendly vehicle that combines features from both pure-electric vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, is equipped with a new, high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can be charged from a household outlet.  able to operate as an electric vehicle on short trips and as a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle on medium to long trips, the prius plug-in hybrid can be used regardless of battery charge status or charging infrastructure availability.

with this vehicle, tmc aims to address environmental issues such as the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, co2 emissions and atmospheric pollution.  a production model is planned for launch by tmc in early 2012 with fuel economy exceeding 57 km/l*3 and an ev cruising range*4 (on fully charged battery) of 23.4 km, positioning the plug-in hybrid as a leading next-generation eco-car coming after gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles.

prius plug-in hybrid4,480 mm1,745 mm1,490 mm2,700 mm5


4. fcv-r (world premiere)

a practical sedan-type next-generation fuel-cell concept vehicle fueled by hydrogen, a promising source of co2 emission-free energy that can be produced from a variety of sources and can be easily stored and transported.  this concept model is a highly practical fuel-cell vehicle (fcv) that is planned for launch in about 2015.

with the fuel-cell unit located beneath the specially designed body, the vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers and boasts impressive luggage space.  the fuel cell stack, consisting of a 70 mpa high-pressure hydrogen tank, has been improved to provide a cruising distance of approximately 700 km or more (under the jc08 test cycle; according to tmc).

fcv-r4,745 mm1,790 mm1,510 mm2,700 mm4


5. ft-ev iii (world premiere)

electric vehicles (evs), with zero co2 emissions, are important future eco-cars that have promise to replace cars fueled by gasoline.  the ft-ev iii is an electric concept vehicle with an ultra-compact and lightweight package suitable for short-distance trips.

tmc is developing evs with the aim of launching a vehicle suitable for short-distance travel in 2012.  equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the ft-ev iii achieves an estimated cruising range of 105 km on a fully charged battery.

ft-ev iii3,110 mm1,680 mm1,500 mm2,000 mm4


6. aqua (world premiere)

an affordably priced compact-class dedicated hybrid vehicle that aims to provide the joys of hybrid vehicle ownership, such as superior fuel efficiency, user friendliness and fun, to as many people as possible.

the aqua combines the features of a compact car with a hybrid vehicle to create a car that represents the future of compact vehicles with a groundbreaking fuel efficiency of approximately 35 km/l (under the jc08 test cycle; 40 km/l under the 10-15 test cycle).   the body, at less than four meters long, offers outstanding handling, while the minimized height enhances aerodynamic performance, providing comfortable maneuverability with stylish proportions.

the state-of-the-art compact and lightweight hybrid system combines a 1.5-liter engine with a high-output motor to create a low center of gravity for enjoyable operation and outstanding maneuverability, all while still offering interior comfort and ample luggage space.

following the launch in japan, scheduled for late december 2011, the aqua will be sequentially rolled out to other countries and regions worldwide*5.

aqua3,995 mm1,695 mm1,445 mm2,550 mm5


*1 revival of toyota-brand catchphrase "fun to drive", used in domestic japanese advertisements from 1984 through 1987

*2 press days, november 30 - december 1; special guest day, december 2; public days, december 3-11

*3 average fuel consumption was calculated under specified testing conditions combining fuel consumption when running on electrical power (charged from an external power source) and fuel consumption when operating as a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle after the vehicle's electric power was exhausted.  driving for the tests was done in line with the jc08 japanese test cycle.  average fuel consumption will vary greatly depending on driving conditions, driving methods and the daily distance driven

*4 as achieved by the model currently being leased to governmental agencies and corporate customers

*5 to be sold under the name "prius c" outside japan

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