A car auction can be a fun and tremendously successful event, although it can be somewhat daunting if you’ve never run one before. Many car dealers wonder, “how do I do this? What are the steps to follow?” And, even if you have run this type of auction before, there’s always room to learn something new. So, if you find yourself in either of these positions, then this post can help you.

1. Ask an experienced bidder for advice

In most sectors of the business world, the easiest (and most efficient) way to learn is by having someone with more experience show you the ropes. Thus, if you are approaching your very first car auction and feeling uneasy, then look around you for guidance.

There is likely someone in your circle of acquaintances who’s attended (or even run) one of these things before, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help. This can either be done by offering them more hands-on control as you prepare (and during) the auction, or it can simply consist of asking them to lunch and outlining your plan during this meetin g. Get their feedback on what they like and what needs improvement.

2. Research Your Competitors Beforehand

If you’re new in the business, chances are good that there are other people in your area already running such auctions. You need to be aware of your competition to understand what role they may play on your own auction.

Why? The main reason is people who will attend your auction will surely be aware of the others, so you need to do all you can to be one step ahead.

3. Use a Car Transport Company

Naturally, one of the biggest areas of concern when preparing a car auction is with the cars themselves. And so much can go wrong in this department. By hiring a professional car transport company like Acertus to del iver your cars, you know when the cars will arrive, which allows you, in turn, to relax. 

This means you can plan accordingly around that delivery date. It’s also a good way to make sure vehicles don’t get damaged or dirty during transport. 

4. Scout Out a Good, Long-Lasting Location

If things go smoothly the first time, you will likely want to organize other car auctions in the future. So, it makes sense to take your time picking out a good location . It needs to be large and spacious, and welcome recurring events.

Don’t spring for the first location you find, but rather take your time. This might seem counterproductive, but it will, in fact, save a lot of time when preparing future car auctions. It’s also a great way to strengthen the relationship with the public by getting them accustomed to the fact that it’s your car auction place.

5. Take the Time to Reach Out to the Sellers

You never know, it might be their first auction too. Keeping in constant contact with the sellers and making sure they have everything ready for the big day ensures less can go wrong at that time. Make it a priority to work together with these people to ensure things go smoothly. 

Final Words on Running a Car Auction Well

While many people run events, far fewer do it well. When you have a smooth operation, then both sellers and buyers are sure to return. Start a lasting business effectively and look forward to the opportunities ahead.