People do wild things. That’s what we’re built to do. We’re built to see where the line is and push it just a little bit further. That’s how you get a Hafthor Bjornsson. That’s how you get a Usain Bolt. That’s how you get Bruce Lee. Without that wild streak, nothing interesting gets done. The line of wild doesn’t just stop with human performance, though. We do it with cars, too. Not just pushing the 0-60. We’re talking about chaos and destruction and pure wonderment. If you’ve ever wondered what the wildest things ever done with a car were, here are a few--and trust us, it gets pretty odd.

Bungee Car

Have you ever been bungee jumping? It’s a wild experience. Not only is there the sensation of freefall over hundreds of feet, but there’s also that recoil at the bottom that is unlike anything you’ll feel, ever. It’s a leap of faith and not for the faint of heart. Cool. Now do it in a car. “How?” you may ask. 

Well, if you were a five year old and wanted to design a bungee car ride, how would you do it? Yup. What you just thought of. That’s how they did it. They got the world’s strongest bungee cords, wrapped them into a rope, attached it to the car, and pushed it off of a bridge. This is what happens when you have a lot of money, the world’s strongest cords, and a film crew. Good ol' Freddy Flintoff did it in early 2020. For sure, there will be plenty more people out there trying to top it.

Car Funeral

In 2013 the infamous Count Scarpa of Brazil decided he was going to go the route of the ancient pharaohs and send one of his million-dollar custom Bentley Continentals (top-down, too) to the afterlife so he can arrive at the pearly gates in style. Makes total sense, right? He pulled the stunt as a strange billionaire way of bringing awareness to the country’s need for viable organs. He said that every person with viable organs being buried is like burying a Bentley. Who knows if he ever got his point across. Organs for transplantation are still a big need globally. But at least we got to see a crazy billionaire do some wild stunt.

Convertible Launch

Speaking of eccentric billionaires, while one buried their car in the ground, another shot their convertible into space. Elon Musk, the bane of traditional finance and the hero of retail investors, has been shooting satellites into space at an insane rate. His ability to do it over and over again at a fraction of the cost it would take the government is attributed to the re-usable tech he developed. But before all of that, he had to test it out. How? How else would one test their rocket technology? He put a mannequin in a spacesuit, buckled it into the Tesla Roadster, and launched that sucker into orbit. Why? Because “billionaire”, that's why. 

Next time you see someone driving down the street with a pointless spoiler or an equally pointless body kit, think of the people above. Sure, a questionably street-legal suspension is for people who take chances and like to feel bad. But bungee? Burying? Blastoff? That’s really crazy.