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The 2000 horsepower, 300 mph Dagger GT by TranStar Racing, LLC

Jul 09, 2010

It's time to smile and have fun again! "Extreme" is back! The 2000 hp, 300 mph Dagger GT's design objectives are to be the best-looking, fastest Supercar in the world. This Supercar is being specially designed, very deliberately and explicitly, to break all world records and to bring back the most popular class of race car: the unlimited class which has been regulated, restricted and compromised into extinction. Join the rebellion as we break every rule there is, and break every world record for production Supercars.
We will not quit until we achieve these goals:
• Top horsepower/torque: 2000 hp/2000 ft lbs (given)
• Top Speed: 300 mph, plus
• Quarter mile: 200 mph and < 6.7 seconds
• 0 to 60 mph: < 1.5 seconds
• Lap records at: Nurburgring and Virginia International Raceway.

Each Dagger GT will be carefully hand-made by exceptional, enthusiastic craftsmen. Each car will be custom-made to the owner's preferences and desires. You can order: one of three (3) hard-core racing models; a street-legal comfortable-riding sport model, or a soft-riding, luxurious GT-X model that looks and feels like a million-dollar car, but runs like a bat-out-of-hell. We plan to deliver 5 production Daggers in 2011. Each Dagger will be 49-state street-legal if desired by the buyer.

The base MSRP of the Dagger GT-S or "Sport" model is $450,000 plus custom work, if requested. Deliveries are scheduled beginning in the first half of 2011. Production is very limited to maintain exceptional, over-the-top quality and fine craftsmanship. We have 2 more sales to go before we close out our 2011 production allotment of five (5) units. After the first five units are under contract, we will begin negotiating purchase orders for 10 units to be delivered in 2012.

The Dagger GT is based on an exceptional mid-engine concept car, the Corvette Cheetah, created by the brilliant industrial designer, Ivan Luccion. Our consulting lead designer is Phil Frank, designer of the world record-setting Saleen S7 Supercar which recently won the 24 hours of LeMans. Each Dagger GT is custom-made from 100% proven, guaranteed, off-the-shelf racing components and hand-built to the highest standards by experienced, exceptional supercar craftsmen. The car features an over-the-top big block, 2000 hp aluminum, twin turbo 572 multifuel racing engine, routinely built by Nelson Racing Engines. The engine is also "streetable." A custom TranStar/Mendeola 6-speed transaxle geared to 308 mph is also featured. The transaxle is designed to withstand the 2000 foot-pounds of torque delivered by the engine. The Dagger GT also features a high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel chassis. A space-age carbon fiber body will be fabricated by the aerospace industry.


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