Buying your first car, or having it bought for you, often means driving a second-hand vehicle. Second-hand cars are better for first-time drivers, as a first-time driver is more likely to dent, crash, and bump the car. 

Having a brand-new vehicle is not fit for a first-time driver, as the repairs may be costly. A used car is much safer and is much better suited to a first-time driver. If you are getting your first car, then you should shop second-hand. This page will seek to tell you exactly why it is better for your first car to be a used one.

They Are Good Value

While some people would tend to disagree, second-hand cars can be a very good value for money. The professionals of , a second-hand car retailer in Houston, Texas, say that a second-hand car will maintain its value for as long as you take good care of it. You can find many deals on second-hand cars, and you can pick them up for a very low cost. It is always worth checking out second-hand car lots, even if you are insistent on buying a brand-new car. You may stumble across a fantastic deal on a car that you absolutely love. They are often very economically priced, and if you see it on the forecourt of a car dealership, will be in very good, if not pristine, condition. Definitely head to your local second-hand lot and have a look.

They Are Safer

Second-hand cars mean you can buy safer for less. Cars with high specification and high safety details, when new, can cost a fortune. Buying second-hand cars means that you can buy the same cars that are known for their safety for a heavily discounted price. Safety is a very important thing when buying your first car, as many parents know. First-time drivers are far more likely to find themselves in a road accident than an experienced driver, and for this reason, you should ensure that your first car is durable and able to withstand a car crash.

They Are More Fun

A second-hand car is a car that can really be used. When you get a new car, you will obviously not want to scratch, dent, or bump it, and will be obsessive-compulsive about it. Buying second-hand can mean you can have a lot more fun with your car, bump it, and damage it, without having to worry too much about cost, providing of course that you did not pay a fortune for it. A second-hand car can be driven as fast as you want, as long as you adhere to the speed limit, and you needn’t worry about scratching it, as it can be repaired and will not cost a massive amount of money. Car parts for older cars are much more economically priced and mechanics will not charge a lot of money to cosmetically repair them; a second-hand car, for all of the aforementioned reasons, is so much more fun.

It's Likely Still Covered by Warranty

Second-hand cars, providing that they are not decades old, are likely still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that should any issues arise with the car, you will be duly covered and will not have to worry about being stuck and unable to have your car repaired. Engine failure and other issues can occur at any time, and by being covered by a warranty, you are protected and need not worry about being unable to drive your car. 

Once you get your first car, you will fall in love, and having your car break down can be absolutely devastating. Always make sure that your second-hand car is covered by a warranty before you buy it. Otherwise, should any problems arise, you will be responsible and will have to pay for the repairs yourself, which, if in the engine, can be very high.

Better Finance Options

When buying used, you are given better finance options. Most first-time car buyers will buy their car on finance, which means finding the best deal is essential. Getting a second-hand will mean that you immediately are open to better deals and will be able to haggle.

You can even buy second-hand from official manufacturers, which is a great way to ensure your car is still under warranty and has been checked over the manufacturer. They will often offer very affordable finance deals, which is a great way, as aforementioned, to save money, and get the car you want.

Now you know a few reasons why buying a used car for your first car is the best thing you can do. You will never forget your first car, so make sure that you pick a good quality car that you love.