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Radical Motorsport reveals SR1 XXR

May 02, 2023

Radical Motorsport has unveiled a range of updates to its entry-level car, the SR1, which have been described as the most extensive in six years. The changes mean that the car will now be part of the XXR range, bringing it in line with the SR3 and SR10 models. The SR1 has been popular with drivers since its launch in 2012 as an entry-level option for those looking to progress in racing. It is a two-seater, track-focused car with downforce-derived racing features and semi-slick tyres. Radical Motorsport has expanded its global race offering to 12 international race series, highlighting the popularity of the SR1.

The SR1 XXR update includes a new engine, the Generation 5 1,340 cc power unit from Radical's bespoke engine facility. This liquid-cooled, four-cylinder and 16-valve engine has increased recommended engine refresh intervals by 25%, providing drivers with more time on the track, reduced warm-up time and thermal management upgrades. Oil change intervals have also increased from six to ten hours. Other updates include improvements to durability, external gear position sensors for the gearbox, and a new scavenge pump design with improved flow for the oiling system. The engine and gearbox calibration have been reworked, and the cylinder head flow rate has been improved. The car's mass has been reduced, with enhancements made to engine response and drivability without compromising on durability. The updates also include revised dry sump and cooling systems, improved coil-on-plug ignition systems and a new electronic drive-by-wire system. The SR1 XXR is available to order now through Radical Motorsport's global dealer network.