It does not matter if a car is being driven to a new home or the residents have to fly to a different state, one certain thing is that the car has to be transported. The truth is that moving a car to a new state is a whole lot of work thus it is essential to work with trustworthy interstate car movers.  

Finding a reputable shipping company and hiring their services to move the car to another state is just one step towards moving a car. The next thing is preparing the car for the road by following these tips. In other words, the car owner needs to take some particular steps before the car shipper transports it on the arranged date. Before interstate car movers start working with anyone, here are the basic things to do.

The car should be properly cleaned

Make sure the interior part of the car is cleaned, so take it to the car wash for proper cleaning some days before it has to be transported.

Check details for any damages

Has the car inspected in detail for any signs of damage before moving it? Some unnoticed injuries could be discovered in the course of the checks. Take some photographs of the damages to preserve as evidence of the car’s present condition. 

Leave some fuel in the tank

Next, leave at least a quarter of fuel in the car tank and all tires should be inflated and in good condition before it has to be moved.

Remove car valuables

Also, the emergency brakes should be functional and battery fully charged. Take out all valuables from the car interior including the car stereo, GPS devices, and others. The child seat could be left in the car.

Also, remove exterior car elements that could be removed like non-permanent racks. Normal vehicle equipment like tools, emergency kits and so on can stay. Remove the antenna of the car briefly and make sure to disable the car alarm system.

Things to do after shipping

When the car has been shipped to its new destination, some other few things need to be done. 

Inspect the car

Inspect the car keenly and loo k out for any signs of damage that could have been caused in the course of the transit. The car shipper always asks clients to sign the Bill of Lading and the condition report which serves as proof that everything worked out smoothly. In case any new damages are noticed, have a picture taken, write them down and inform the car transportation company right away.

Have the car registered

Have the car registered in the new state within the acceptable registration period else the car owner can be fined. The auto owner can contact the local DMV office to seek for more information concerning the registration of the car in the new state. Try to get this sorted out immediately because the permission time with an unregistered car is limited.