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Modern Celebrities With (More) Attainable Cars

Dec 20, 2022

Justin Bieber's Rolls-Royce Wraith

It's always interesting to get a peek at celebrity cars, and recently a pretty spectacular garage full of them got some attention. Toward the end of July, an article at Slash Gear gave fans a look at the $4 million collection belonging to pop star Justin Bieber, and it was nothing short of jaw-dropping. Bieber apparently owns multiple Lamborghinis, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, several Mercedes-Benz models, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a Ferrari F430 –– and that's leaving several out!

Again, we always find it interesting to look through collections like these. It helps us to fantasize for a moment here or there what spectacular autos we might get if we were to fall into Bieber-level bank accounts. At the same time however, this can be a frustrating fantasy, because, of course, most of us will never have a fraction of Bieber's wealth!

With that in mind, we decided to do some digging and turn up some more modest vehicles owned by celebrities. While few of these are cheap, they are at least more attainable –– and the fact that even wealthy and famous celebrities favor them should be inspiration to go your own way and target whatever cars you most admire that might be in your price range.

Without further ado, here are some celebrity rides that caught our eye....

Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his passion for climate activism. It's something he's recently begun to work into his films –– first via a gorgeous exploration of natural environments and the power of nature in The Revenant, and then through the darkly humorous climate allegory of Don't Look Up. But as was explored by Film School Rejects, his climate concern actually began long ago. From a young age, DiCaprio has been involved in various foundations, philanthropic endeavors, and even lobbying efforts concerning preservation. And given all of this, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that his everyday car has long been a Toyota Prius. The car costs about $25,000 today, and while it's no longer the gold standard in clean driving, DiCaprio has called it "a step in the right direction."

Tom Hanks – Toyota Scion

Tom Hanks has also been known to drive a Prius at times. Then again, he also has a bizarre habit of posting himself on Instagram pretending to adopt new cars while out and about.... So perhaps we can't be 100% sure what he's driving at any given time. Nevertheless, we do know that fairly early in the electric car movement he drove a Toyota Scion xB, which can be had for $20,000 or less.

Ludacris – Acura Legend

This is a little bit of an outlier in that it involves a major celebrity simply holding onto a favorite car from his youth. Nonetheless, it's noteworthy that the rap and film star Ludacris seems to feel perfectly comfortable showing off his old Acura Legend! It's a 1993 edition with 250,000-plus miles on it, and Luda's love of the car has inspired numerous write-ups at car publications. He's even posted photos of the car (originally likely $35,000 to $40,000) alongside his slightly more expensive personal vehicle....

LeBron James – Kia K900

Basketball legend LeBron James has an ever-evolving car collection that at various times has included some expensive, ultra-high-end models. At the same time however, he's made his love for a somewhat more modest Kia K900 known on multiple occasions. Some have speculated that he only drove the vehicle as part of an endorsement deal, but James has insisted he was a K900 driver before signing a deal with Kia.

Daniel Negreanu – Tesla Model S

Daniel Negreanu has achieved about as much as any other living human at a poker table, and that success has given him plenty of money to play with when it comes to expanding his car collection. The poker pro has earned $42 million in table winnings alone –– in addition to untold sums through online games. Despite all of this however, Negreanu has demonstrated a clear preference for the trendy and environmentally responsible Teslas. Granted, his Model S isn't exactly cheap (about $100,000 before the tax credit knocks some off). It also appears his wife has a Model X. But he's not exactly splurging on a garage full of Ferraris either!

Bill Gates – Porsche Taycan

It goes without saying that Bill Gates can afford any car he likes. The most recent estimates indicate that the tech mogul is worth about $114 billion –– and that's after he's begun siphoning off massive quantities of his wealth to charitable causes (as well as to his ex-wife). In another celebrity move for climate preservation however, Gates has opted to make an electric Porsche Taycan his primary car. This is a $150,000 vehicle, so it's not entirely "attainable." Again though, it's more reasonable to dream about than a lot of celebrity rides.

Jessica Alba – Audi A8 L

Last but not least, we'll highlight the actress Jessica Alba, who's been known to favor Audis for some time now. Specifically, she appears to use an Audi A8 L as a primary family car (insofar as we can really tell). This is another mid-to-high-range model, but one that can be attainable with proper planning and prioritization. Currently, a 2023 model is listed at $86,500 –– no small price, but not exactly Bieber's Rolls-Royce!

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