The McMurtry Spéirling (meaning thunderstorm in Irish) is a no limits, fully electric track car; designed, engineered and built in Britain. The company was founded by Irishman Sir David McMurtry and is based near Bristol. 

The car has been designed to a very high standard of motorsport safety, with full carbon fibre monocoque and crash structures, however, the technical performance specifications were unconstrained in order to enable a step change in performance and suggest a possible future for electric track and race cars.  

The McMurtry Spéirling completed its first public event at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 8th – 11th July 2021.

It was driven by development drivers five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell MBE and 2015 British Hillclimb Champion Alex Summers.  

The Spéirling has been in secret development for three years.  

The compact form factor and low drag body shape increase range and top speed.

The lap time performance is achieved through use of the McMurtry downforce-on-demand system, inspired by previously banned racing technology, the system features a fan based powered downforce system to increase tyre grip and offer maximum downforce from stationary. McMurtry have reconsidered and developed these concepts before applying them to the Spéirling to see what may have been if unrestricted technical evolution were allowed to continue from the golden era of motorsport. The downforce on demand system generates 500kg of downforce at any vehicle speeds, which significantly enhances cornering performance, including at low speed where conventional passive aerodynamics are less potent.  

The car weights less than 1000kg and is capable of over 200mph.

It is simulated that the Spéirling can do 0-186mph (300kmh) in under 9 seconds.

Despite being compact, at only 1.5m wide, and 3.2m long, it can accommodate a large range of drivers from 5ft 0 (152cm) to 6ft 7 (201cm).

The battery is closely integrated into the chassis, housed within a protective safety shell. It has a 60kWh capacity which allows 30-60mins running at GT3 pace, with great potential for faster running modes. 

In the next year, McMurtry Automotive will embark on a world record breaking programme, to demonstrate the full performance of this car.