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Luxury On A Budget: Five Stylish But Affordable Models

Oct 25, 2018

When looking to buy a car, the sometimes exortional pricing can make it seem like the only way you can afford it is afford the hefty price tag is by taking out small loans, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. With many stylish but affordable options to choose from, you can have the luxury car that you want without breaking the bank. Here we are going to take a quick look at five stylish but affordable cars for you to buy.

1. Land Rover LR4

This versatile car is the height of luxury at a reasonable price. Capable of anything that you throw at it, the Land Rover LR4 will hold its own whilst consistently offering you the very best of luxury comforts. Whether you decide to cruise on the open road with up to six passengers or go for a spin on the dirt track alongside the extensive infotainment system, there is plenty that this car can handle without the larger price, making this not only the perfect car for all outdoor challenges, but also a sturdy option for a family car.

2. Jaguar XF

For those looking for the excellence and high-end style of a Jaguar but can’t afford the full cost of the name, the Jaguar XF is often a much more affordable alternative without giving up on the brand you want. With a price tag of just £33,060, you’ll be getting a reliable car that just seeps luxury and with the engine doing between 35-55 miles to the gallon, It’s running costs are relatively low too, saving you big bucks throughout the entire period of ownership.

3. Audi A3

With a high-tech interface as well as a brand new design, the Audi A3 is a car that oozes style and class at a price tag that works for you. With an A3 Sportback, A3 Saloon and A3 Cabriolet option, you have multiple variations to choose from to suit your individual lifestyle. Another model with a built-in infotainment display, you can drive in a comfortable interior while utilising a full range of features. Additionally, you get top of the range headlights for night time driving, as well as sensors to help your overall driving experience making this one of the best cars for you and your budget.

4. Volvo S60

This stylish sports saloon is the perfect combination of affordability with a classy design. Starting at just £22,950, you are getting all the comfort of a high-end car without having to splurge out for the privilege. With comfort woven into every decision, you can cruise the open road with effortless performance and powerful design, allowing you to enjoy your daily commute at an affordable price. What’s more, with an economical engine as well as in-car controls for all of your music, you can enjoy every aspect of your drive.

5. Alfa Romeo Giulia

Finally, one of the most affordable luxury cars is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This car is one of the most affordable on this list and has a very classy design. With Apple Car Play and other entertainment features built-in, you have all the technology you could ever need all in one place. With a 2.2-litre diesel engine, this car will go the distance no matter the terrain, making this a reliable choice for those that have a lengthy daily commute. If a diesel engine doesn’t sound like the right option for you then why not opt for the two-litre petrol engine? With its sleek design and unmatched performance, you can be sure that you will be getting the height of performance and luxury every time.

Whether you are looking for a car for a daily commute, or a sports saloon to cruise the open road, you do not need to splash the cash as there are stylish, comfortable and classy options for every preference at surprisingly affordable prices.