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Lumeneo premieres Neoma at Paris Motor Show

Sep 11, 2010

From the official press release:

The NEOMA, practical, versatile, a perfect size for urban driving, and holds up to 4 people!

Seating up to 4… with or without luggage, getting around easily, quietly and without polluting emissions: it will be a pleasure with the 2.5m-long NEOMA. This car offers a multitude of possibilities to satisfy all the elements of a busy urban life-style. Versatile, compact and ingenious, NEOMA expands the range of urban mobility solutions offered by LUMENEO.

The electric motorization allows our vehicle designers to position its elements in a completely new way. The electric motors are very compact, and with the batteries being installed under the front seats, the capacity of the interior space is unrestricted.

The NEOMA, maximum volume in a minimum of space, thanks to its electric motorization.

Pictures: Lumeneo

More information to come. Stay tuned!