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'L’Ultime': The Grand Finale of the Bugatti Chiron Era

Jun 03, 2024

Since its debut in 2016, the Bugatti Chiron has been an unmatched icon of hyper sports car excellence. With its limited production run of just 500 units, the final Chiron, aptly named 'L’Ultime,' has now been meticulously hand-assembled by the skilled artisans in Molsheim. This marks a poignant farewell to a remarkable era that saw the Chiron become the first road-going car with 1,500 PS and the first production car to break the 300 mph barrier. As Bugatti transitions into a new chapter, the Chiron’s legacy remains a testament to spectacular elegance and power.

The final Chiron Super Sport pays homage to the original model showcased in Geneva eight years ago. The initial color scheme of ‘Atlantic Blue’ and ‘French Racing Blue,’ divided by a striking C-line in hand-polished aluminum alloy, was revolutionary. The Bugatti Sur Mesure team has reimagined this design, blending these iconic colors into a stunning gradient that symbolizes the Chiron's global journey.

The bespoke design of the Chiron Super Sport is accentuated by a custom blue Bugatti macaron on the grille and hand-written inscriptions of significant locations and events that have shaped the Chiron legend. This special edition’s visual elements, inspired by the concept of 'bullet speed,' highlight its unparalleled top speed even when stationary.

The hand-written number ‘500’ proudly displayed on the exterior, wheel caps, and rear wing, as well as engraved on the engine cover, signifies this final masterpiece. This Chiron Super Sport symbolizes Bugatti’s 115-year journey of automotive artistry, with each of the 500 Chirons crafted as a tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s vision.

Inside, the Chiron cabin reflects the car’s exterior bespoke nature. A luxurious blend of ‘Deep Blue’ leather and ‘Blue Carbon Matt’ finishes, coupled with hand-woven and hand-stitched details, epitomizes Bugatti’s commitment to excellence. The French flag on the mirror wings and the ‘Atlantic Blue’ grille underscore the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship.

From its world premiere in Geneva to milestone events at Chantilly and the 300 mph run at Ehra-Lessien, the Chiron has continually redefined automotive standards. This final edition encapsulates Bugatti’s ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the hypercar realm.

As the curtain falls on the Chiron era, Bugatti stands ready to embark on a new journey of unparalleled performance and luxury. With 'L’Ultime,' Bugatti not only celebrates an end but also heralds the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its storied legacy.

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