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Kimera EVO37 Martini 7

Apr 26, 2023

Italian car manufacturer Kimera Automobili has launched a limited edition car to celebrate the seven World Rally Titles won by the Martini Racing Team. The EVO37 Martini 7 was presented at the Hotel Cala di Volpe, in Porto Cervo, where the 037 group B was unveiled in Martini Racing livery in 1983. Kimera Automobili has resurrected the design and mechanics that characterised the Martini Racing Team's cars, with input from some of its legendary drivers and engineers. The two-time World Rally Champion Miki Biasion advised the company on the driving sensations and behaviour of those Turinese cars that won so many world championships. Other drivers associated with the Martini Racing Team, including Markku Alen and co-driver Kikki Kivimaki, and Cesare Fiorio, unveiled the car at the ceremony.

The Lancia Martini Racing Team began using the distinctive blue, light-blue and red stripes on its cars in 1983, marking the beginning of an era in which Italian drivers dominated rallies. The Martini Racing Team's 037, Delta S4 and Delta Integrale went on to win seven world titles, and two special series of the Delta Evoluzione were released to celebrate the team's achievements. The EVO37 Martini 7 is the first car to honour the seven titles specifically. The limited edition features the same stripes, colours and "World Rally Champion" writing that characterised the previous celebratory cars.

Kimera Automobili's creation of the EVO37 Martini 7 builds on the company's commitment to authenticity, with details such as a carbon-fibre aerodynamic package with front splitter, side skirts and "nolder" extractors. The car's exterior is characterised by a design that is both modern and respectful of the original, while the interior is also faithful to the original. Kimera Automobili's vision was to bring together the men of the past and the present at the same table, with the aim of taking up the legacy and values of the legendary Martini Racing Team. This was achieved with input from the men who were instrumental in creating the original cars, and who passed on their knowledge to the technicians who worked on the EVO37.

The launch of the EVO37 Martini 7 is a celebration of the legacy and values of the Martini Racing Team, which Kimera Automobili has taken up and continued with this special limited edition car. The launch event was an emotional occasion, with the founder of Kimera Automobili, Luca Betti, being joined by the drivers and engineers who made the original cars such a success. With the launch of the EVO37 Martini 7, Kimera Automobili has succeeded in bringing together the men of the past and the present, and honouring the achievements of the Martini Racing Team in a way that is both respectful and modern.