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Introduction: Australian Spartan V

Sep 16, 2010


As history has constantly shown us, only the strong survive, and in honour of the Spartans - the most superior fighting machine the world has ever seen, a supercar has been passionately developed that exudes their very principles.

With a dedication and passion for perfection, two brothers embarked on a journey that commenced as far back as 1983 when they built their first motorcycle powered buggy. This proved to be the seed for 
inspiration and the desire to one day develop a supercar combining a body to rival Ferrari and the pulsating throb of a Ducati V-Twin engine with the handling to surpass most supercars and best of all, a price tag that anyone can afford.

Their passion and commitment have seen them develop one of the fastest and lightest track cars in the world today, the Spartan-V. 

X-Treme Driving Experience

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine…

The throaty sound of Ducati’s powerful 1198 V-Twin engine as it roars into life. Feel the vibrations as your senses go into overload… you are focused… your heart is pounding and… your palms have started to 

Catapulted to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds, your mind is struggling to keep up with the sheer acceleration as your body takes control and you realise for the very first time what it means to be ‘at one with the car’.

The powerful Ducati 1198 engine with its 170hp is at the heart and soul of this very special car. Combined with its super-lightweight construction, low centre of gravity and spectacular braking, it makes for one 
hell of a drive. Phenomenal cornering performance is enhanced with switchable electronic traction control making you the master of your domain.

Designed and developed for the purist wanting the ultimate driving experience, the Spartan-V has been born and bred as a true roadster with no roof, no doors and just a small speedster-style windscreen.It is said that when the ancient Spartans strapped on their armor they turned from men into machines with a mystical air of invincibility. When you climb into the cockpit of a Spartan–V you will understand what 
they felt.

Limited Edition - 300

 In honour of the brave Spartans that fought so many years ago, there will only be 300 Spartan–V track cars manufactured worldwide. Be the first to own the Legend and be a part of history in the making. Price for this amazing machine is $90,000AUD and deposits are now being taken so don’t miss out.

ENGINE: Ducati 1198S

CAPACITY: 1199cm³


WEIGHT: Less than 300kg

BRAKES: Front & Rear - Wilwood lightweight 300mm ventilated and scalloped rotors, Wilwood 4-piston billet calipers and Wilwood rotor hats

PEDALS: Tilton racing pedal assembly with remote brake bias

WHEELS: 17 x 7 inch lightweight race wheels

TYRES: 205/45 R17

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed sequential

SUSPENSION: Fully adjustable double wishbone front and rear with QA1 adjustable lightweight shock absorbers (OHLINS suspension upgrade available)

STEERING: Woodward Racing quick ratio steering rack and collapsible steering column, Sparco quick release steering hub, Sparco Formula steering wheel

INSRUMENTS: Ducati 1198 Digitek LCD dash

SEATS: Sparco competition FIA-approved racing seats, Sparco Racing FIA-approved 5 or 6 point harnesses

FINAL DRIVE: Drexler Motorsport Formula chain drive LSD

CHASSIS: Trellis design spaceframe - 350Mpa DOM mild steel tubing with roll-over protection. FIA-approved roll bar optional

BODY: Carbon-fibre

PERFORMANCE: 0-100km/h: 3 seconds

TOP SPEED: 280 kmh

PRICE: $90,000AUD

source: Spartan