How to Pick an Auto Body Shop for Collision Repair

Car collisions are unfortunate and can leave your precious vehicles in lousy shape. If your car is a few years old, the chances are that the manufacturer will also not cover the costs under warranty. You have to look for ways to repair your car, and only an experienced auto body shop will be able to help you mend the damages from a collision. 

After all, no one wants to go around in a car that bears the marks of an accident. It can be a painful reminder of the collision as well, and you need to get rid of the marks as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how to pick an auto body shop

1. Location of the Shop

The location of the shop is of primary importance. That way, you can check up on the car from time to time and see how work progresses. If the shop is very far away from your home, it might also increase the overhead costs. If the damages were extensive and you are not sure how the repair works will turn out, you might want to drop in at regular intervals to check that the car is coming along just the way you wanted. 

2. Compare Prices

It is not a good idea to settle for the first quote that you get. You might end up paying way too much money if you do not compare the different auto body shops' rates. Shop around and check how they will deal with the collision repair and what approach they will take to get your car back in shape. 

You should take at least four to five cost estimates. Check if there is an inspection of your car and if the auto body shop will also add some extra benefits like repairing the headlights or suggesting a better windscreen. It is good to get a total estimate of the work done rather than get the car fixed in phases because that will cost you more. 

3. Fixing Minor Technical Errors

Lots of things can go wrong in a car collision and not just the body. While you would need to take your car to a seasoned technician if there were massive internal damages in the vehicle, the damages are sometimes only in the body, and the internal damages are only minor. It would be great if the auto body shop also takes care of the minor issues like airbag sensors, warning systems and replacing parts like the bumper. That way, you can get the entire car fixed in one location, and there is no need to take the car to another technician. 

4. Reviews from Contacts

When it comes to picking auto repair shops, do not just go by online reviews or do not just visit the first shop that comes up in your Google search. Ask for references from friends and family and check how the auto repair shops have dealt with the damages. You need to see the kind of work they are doing to understand how they will work on your car. You can come across many expert auto body repair shops this way, rather than just going for the big names who charge a lot of money for their services. 

Large shops with lots of staff also tend to charge you more, because they have to pay their employees. If you do not want to pay for non-essential work, you should look beyond the obvious choices. You must also check if they are a certified company with trained technicians. 

5. Time for the Repair

The time taken to repair your car will be directly proportional to the damages it has sustained. However, the auto body shop should be able to return your car as quickly as possible. Or else you might have to rely on public transport for commuting, and you might end up getting late for work each day for the duration of the repair. 

Even if you feel that an auto body shop is charging you a little extra but will return your car in a matter of days, it is worth it to pay the extra charges because of their prompt services. Larger shops with too many clients will often send your car to the rear end and make you wait while you still end up paying loads of money after the delay. This is when comparing rates comes in useful.

With these tips in mind, you will understand how to pick an auto body shop for your car repair after a collision. You will get your car back as good as new, and you can leave the collision behind for good.