For any petrolhead, it’s important to ensure your car is working at it’s best. This means constantly looking at how you can improve its engine function, working on making it look it’s best and generally just loving what you do. If you’re new to the game but want to get to know a little more about what you can do to your car, it’s engine performance and everything else that comes with it, there are plenty of online guides you can check out. But here we are going to concentrate exclusively on the engine and what you can do to improve it. 

Forced Induction

If you want incredible performance, and we’re talking some real top of the range performance then look no further than forced induction. If you’re look ing for neck-snapping acceleration, then this is something you’ll need. Essentially what it does is force compressed air into the engine. It overcomes the limitation of atmospheric pressure by pushing more air into the cylinders. This means the engine's power output becomes much larger. A moderate amount of boost, let’s say 6-8 psi, will increase a street engine’s output to over 150 horsepower. 

Check Your Engine Codes

To do this, you’ll need to plug in a scan tool or a code reader into the diagnostic connector. More often than not it’s located under the dashboard not far from the steering column. The tool will display the code or codes that are used to light up the check engine warning light. 

Understanding the codes takes some time, so having a reference nearby will be useful. You’ll find a typical trouble code like p0113 when searching for the route of your problems, this one means Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input. Once you can identify where the route of the problem is you can fix it, and improve the technology surrounding it, making it easier to improve the efficiency of your engine. 


Whilst on the subject of high-temperature air input we can take a look at some intercoolers. Something that is worth investing in if you don’t want all the hot air shooting into your engine. An intercooler helps cool down all the air coming from your exhaust powered turbo and makes it dense again. The denser the air, the more that can be crammed in. It’s not just turbos that will heat the air up. When you compress a gas, it’s temperature is going to rise. So belt-driven superchargers will also heat up induction air. 

Other Parts Of The Car

Sure, you want your engine to be at it’s best. But if the other parts of your car can’t keep up with the boost of horsepower then it’s all for nothing. Look at getting new brakes, new tyres, new suspension. It all matters in the world of motoring and you’ll find your race times will drop if you start to invest in things outside the engine bay. What’s the point in having 300hp if you can’t lay it down properly? 

Improving your car isn’t a cheap business. But it’s one that is worth it. If you truly love your car then looking after it in any way you can will be a priority. Look at your engine efficiency and ensure the rest of the car is up to the job.