Nobody enjoys paying insurance for anything, but when it comes to serve its purpose, we are glad we did! Car insurance is a legal requirement. You are insured not just for damage or theft to your vehicle, but also to cover you for loss when another person’s vehicle, their property or even the person themselves are damaged by your vehicle. It may look like you’re throwing money away, but in fact it’s a small outlay that may save you a large amount in the future. 

There are ways in which you can save money on car insurance. In the article that follows we will look at some of the things you can do to get the cheapest car insurance, so let’s get started right now!

Choose Your Car Carefully

When it comes to insuring a car, you’ll find that every vehicle is in a certain group. These groups determine the rate of insurance that will apply to that vehicle. The insurance groups are determined by various factors including the power of the car, the category of vehicle, its performance and so on. For example, a small city car with a 1-litre engine will be in a low insurance group, while a big, powerful sports cat will naturally be in a higher group. This is because the risk factor increases with greater power. 

So, consider your options. What do you need a car for? If it’s for commuting, check out which cars come into the lower insurance categories, as these will be cheaper to insure – often by a large amount. There are many smaller cars that are comfortable – some luxurious even – that do a great job, provide excellent reliability and are affordable and economical, so it might be worth trading down to a smaller engine for your next vehicle.

Shop Around

There is plenty to be said for shopping around for your insurance quotes as you may find considerable differences between insurers. You can use comparison sites and resources such as that you will find here to get more quotes, and then see which have the most favourable terms and policies. Many will offer you cover you may not need, so always check the quote in full to be aware of what you are paying for, and remove any options you do not want. 

Spend time researching the various insurers for your type of car and see if they have any offers that may appeal. Sometimes you’ll find, for example, that an insurer will offer a very reasonable reduction for a limited mileage. If you only do short journeys it is worth working out your annual mileage and making sure your insurance quote is tailored to that amount. Other such savings may include the fitting of a ‘black box’ that monitors your driving and rewards you for careful performance, although such schemes are in infancy right now but worth checking out in detail. 

Insurers are always looking to get new customers so be sure you ask all the questions and examine every possible area of saving, and as a last resort ask if that’s the very best price they can offer.  


Car insurance need not be expensive if you consider the car you need to drive and do your research on the various insurance companies involved in the market. Ask for a limited mileage discount, check all other possible discounts and compare quotes, and then ask the insurer offering you the cover you want if you can match the best price you’ve been offered. Drive safely, and your insurance cost will come down by the year.