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How They Ship Supercars All Around the World

Apr 01, 2024

Shipping a supercar is nothing like shipping a normal car. While it’s typical to see a big rig hauling 12 cars at once, chances are not one of them is of the caliber of a supercar.

Supercars are much more valuable and require white glove service. But how exactly are they shipped worldwide, and what makes it different from shipping a normal car?

We’ll get into all of that down below, let’s get into it. 

1. Enclosed trailer

An enclosed trailer is a closed trailer that does not show the vehicle to the outside world. When shipping supercars, one downside is that the entire world can see the vehicle on an open carrier. If an open trailer is hauling 9 Sudans and 1 Bugatti, it’s going to turn some heads.

A supercar can be driven directly onto an enclosed trailer as well, which may not be possible with an open trailer. Many supercars have a low profile and may not be able to fit onto an open trailer regardless.

While an enclosed trailer likely isn’t going to be one of the top deals on vehicle shipping because of its higher price, it is the best way to ship a supercar to avoid any damage.

2. Enclosed storage

Another great option from high-end transport companies is enclosed storage. Typical parking lots will be visible to any onlookers. This can be dangerous for the supercar, as thefts can and do happen. High-end luxury transporters know this and have special storage spaces kept under lock and key.

Storage makes transport easier as even the best transport services can’t give you a specific date for delivery. This is because there are always unforeseen hangups during the transport process, especially during international deliveries.

3. Air transport

Air transport is the fastest and most reliable way to transport any vehicle, but especially supercars. When doing air transport, the vehicle can be loaded easily into the airplane all while it’s kept out of the sight of any potential troublemakers.

The best part about air transport is that there are no delays. Consider that F1 and NASCAR races may happen on the other side of the world, with only a few days apart. This means the cars that are racing need to somehow transit halfway around the world to make it in for the race.

The only way this is possible is by air transport. A way that professional racecar teams streamline this process is by having two or more “sets” of vehicles, and then taking it apart to be shipped separately. This way they don’t need to ship the entire vehicle, and can only ship the parts they need.

The downside of air transport is that it is costly. It’s so costly that for anyone shipping a typical vehicle, it’s not going to be worth it. But if you are a supercar owner, the price tag of transport is not going to harm your bank account.

4. International shipping

Instead of shipping your supercar on an open boat where it will be driven off and on the boat by someone else, you can opt to ship it inside a cargo container. This way, no one will ever know what is inside of the cargo container and it will be enclosed from the outside world.

One downside of this type of shipping is the length of time it takes. Shipping a car across the world can take a month or more depending on the season. Let’s say you were in Chicago and you want to ship your vehicle to Dubai, this typically takes around 25-30 days but delays do happen. 

You can also look into your Chicago car transport price quote to understand what type of prices come along with shipping a supercar around the world.

5. Door-to-door shipping

Door-to-door transport is another great way to ship supercars. For the lucky ones with a fortune, having to haul your supercar to a drop-off location can be a hassle. But with door-to-door shipping, the transport experts make their way right to your front door and ship it to exactly where you need it.

What Makes a Good Super Car Shipping Company?

Not every transport company is suitable for shipping supercars. Look for one that specializes in luxury, white-glove service. You also need to make sure that the insurance coverage is going to cover the entire cost of the vehicle as some companies opt for lower coverage.

Look for a reputable supercar transport service that specializes in taking care of supercars. You may even need specialized lifts depending on the type of vehicle you have, and not every transport company has the required equipment. 


Shipping a supercar is not the same as shipping a typical vehicle. Typical cars can be loaded up onto the back of a big rig hauling 10-12 vehicles at the same time. But supercars need special care, and transport experts understand the risks and have the knowledge to ship any vehicle safely around the world.

Always ensure that the transport company you work with has the proper insurance to ship a supercar. It’s common for transport companies to skimp out on total insurance coverage, so make sure before you hand over the supercar that your vehicle is fully covered.