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GENEVA 2017 - Artega presents Scalo Superelettra designed by Touring Superleggera

Mar 04, 2017

Artega GmbH has issued the following press release:


A completely new driving experience will change your point of view.

Innovation down to the tiniest detail. Avant-garde and elegant, sporty and practical – the best of both worlds. Italian chic and craftsmanship coupled with German engineering. The art of sports car construction in a new dimension.

The name says it all – a wordplay on "Supperleggera" (Italian for "super-light") and "elettrica" (Italian for "electric").

Two high-performance electric engines in the front and two in the rear with a total rated output of 750 kW (1,020 HP) will catapult three (!) occupants from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 300 km/h. The 120 kWh lithium-ion battery gives a range of 500 km (NEDC).

The preview of the new benchmark for emission-free cars is being presented at the Geneva Motor Show from 7-19 March 2017. The Artega Scalo Superelletra will be available from spring 2019 in a strictly limited series of 50.


The Artega brand opens a new chapter in its development at the IAA in Frankfurt/Main. The company, which launched spectacularly in 2007, has returned as a manufacturer under a new company name! This return includes two vehicles: The new German electric sports car Artega Scalo and the new German electric fun car Artega Karo.

The German sports car Artega GT, first launched eight years ago, continues to bring positive responses among technical circles and car lovers. The touring sports car – the German interpretation of the "Grand Tourismo" – combined driving fun with suitability for everyday use; 153 vehicles were produced by 2012. Its innovative light-weight construction concept is highly up to date, particularly under the aspect of protecting resources.

The new Artega GmbH, headquartered inWestphalian Delbrück, builds on this and thus has an outstanding basis for future success.The company has set itself the task ofmaking the developed know-how available in the scope of a sustainable corporate concept for automotive manufactures and their suppliers as well. As for its own vehicles, one goal is at the focus: intelligent mobility of the future.

In addition to light-weight construction and the on-board electrical system architecture, Artega mostly focuses on electromobility. Close cooperation with paragon AG (electronics, display and operating systems, body kinematics) and paragon subsidiary Voltabox Deutschland GmbH (lithium-ion battery systems, electricalmotors, power electronics), the company has a wide range to offer as well as strong partners.

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