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GAC presents electric EnLight Concept at Guangzhou Auto Show

Nov 19, 2016

gac group has issued the following press release:

human science and technology, inspiring the future - enlight zhilian electric concept car world premiere

enlight zhilian electric concept car is a self-developed by the guangzhou automobile research institute of the concept of highly leading sports car, which through the wheel motor to achieve four independent wheel drive, with unmanned and manual driving dual control mode, both intelligent travel comfort and sports car passion. in order to meet the diversified needs of emerging users in the internet age, enlight zhilian electric concept car also has the characteristics of intelligent internet mobile terminals, all-round to create people, cars, life intelligent internet new experience. enlight will be the future of automotive electric, intelligent, networked development trend of organic integration, the appearance of cool interior comfortable and open. subversion of the traditional sports car stiff mechanical sense, to create a comfortable and pleasant intelligent driving experience. enlight also incorporates the "emotional" design concept. the ingenious design of the "eco box" inside the car can not only regulate the air quality in the car, but also increase the humanistic and natural taste as an indoor landscape, which indicates the future development of human culture.

after 10 years of unremitting efforts, guangzhou automobile research institute in intelligent driving, mobile internet, new energy power and other fields of expertise has a wealth of technical accumulation. future guangzhou automobile research institute will rely on enlight zhilian electric concept car pioneer carrier, continue to strengthen the new energy exclusive chassis system, graphene materials, car networking data platform, vr wearable equipment and other forward-looking technology in-depth study. and strive to create a full range of driving scenarios based on the future, with electric, intelligent, networking, emotional characteristics of the driving experience.

guangzhou automobile group will combine the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" in the "13th five-year plan" of the country through the development of the most advanced forward-looking, "guangzhou to china" to "create" technology, the most innovative fashion design language and the most humane emotional love, to create an international leader in the new products, and progressive practice of brand development determination.