Delage - one of the most famous pre-war French car brand is resurrected. In November 2019 the association "Les Amis de Delage", and entrepreneur owner of the Delage brand Laurent Tapie have announced the revival of the company. 

Some of the most beautiful cars of all time have been created on Delage chassis by coachbuilders Saoutchik, Franay, Letourneur et Marchand, Pourtout and others. These models are enthusiastically cherished today and Delage brand still wins hearts and main prizes at Concorso d’Eleganza all around the world. 

Giving second life to the unique craftmanship of Delage, Laurent Tapie says that the “brand emobodies timeless elegance and a trusted high-performance. It truly is the best of French engineering, and in this spirit, we are proud to unveil the D12”. 

The new car which carries Delage emblem is an ultra futuristic hypercar equipped with the state-of-the-art hybrid technology. Its V12 engine develops 900hp (671kW) while electric motor adds extra 330hp to the total of massive 1230hp. 

The new Delage pays a tribute to the racing legacy of the past models - the company claims that the D12 is the closest a road car can get to the F1 car. Furthermore, the settings of this new French hypercar will be supervised by F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve! 

Two versions are planned for the D12 model – Club and GT. Both feature 7.6-liter V12 developing 900hp and 990hp respectively. Smaller electric engine adds only 20hp for the Club version, thus the output is lower, yet insane, 1010hp. However, the Club version is even 230kg lighter, thus the power-to-weight ratio is jaw-dropping 0.83 hp/kg and 0.85 hp/kg for the GT version. 

New Delage gets 8-speed gearbox which will ensure superb acceleration figures. Company says that the D12 can reach 100km/h in 2.6 and 200km/h in 6.5s (GT Version). Moreover, Delage D12 is aimed for the Nürburgring World Record. Current estimate is less than 6 min 40s. We’ll see if this comes true. 

Finally, the price tag. The car is offered at 2 million euro + taxes. 

Photos: Delage Automobiles & Ted7