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FRANKFURT 2015 - Citroen Aircross and Cactus M Concepts [w/VIDEO]

Sep 02, 2015


At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, CITROËN is premiering a concept car inspired by the Méhari: the CITROËN CACTUS M. An 'outdoor' take on the C4 Cactus, this new concept car has a bright, upbeat personality. Looking beyond design, CITROËN is expressing a lifestyle approach with the CACTUS M, placing leisure at the heart of the automotive experience. At ease on all types of terrain and in all situations, the CACTUS M concept inspires a sense of well-being, freedom and escape.

An open-air crossover. Further developing the approach suggested by the CITROËN C4 Cactus, the CACTUS M has 'go-anywhere' looks, clearly stating its family ties with the CITROËN Aircross concept presented in Shanghai last April. The wings are sculpted around the wheels for a more compact, muscular look. The straighter windscreen, raised body and wheel diameter underline its personality as a leisure vehicle.  On the body sides, the large plastic doors add a lightweight, protective touch, giving the vehicle its signature. This design brings to mind the renowned Méhari, a vehicle with the same 'go-anywhere' mindset. The cabin is completely open. Passengers access the seats in row 2 by climbing over the body side, using an insert provided at the rear for support. Nothing separates the passengers from their surrounding environment.

Ingenious and with a strong leisure focus. Through its design, the CITROËN CACTUS M turns leisure into a lifestyle, placing it at the heart of the automotive experience. The interior illustrates this approach, with technical materials used in open-air activities. For full and uncompromising use, the cabin can be hosed out thanks to the drainage outlets integrated in the foot wells. Inspired by the world of surfing, the seats are designed to resemble wetsuits, and are upholstered in a brightly coloured neoprene fabric for comfort and waterproofing. The CITROËN CACTUS M is also a modular vehicle, with a roof extension that enables passengers to store all their equipment (wakeboard, windsurf board, etc.). Everything is designed for comfort and peace of mind.

At ease on all types of terrain. The CITROËN CACTUS M was also designed to head off the beaten path, to explore and open up new horizons. Whatever the activity, the weather or the road conditions, everything is designed to ensure a relaxing ride for the occupants. On all types of terrain, the Grip Control function optimises traction for a relaxed ride anywhere. The CACTUS M also inspires a sense of extreme freedom with a modular cabin that turns into a couchette and a top that can be made into a tent.  This top, which features an innovative system of inflation, also provides protection in the event of rain. The CITROËN CACTUS M also features onboard technologies for everyday use with all the useful equipment found on the C4 Cactus (touch drive interface, Easy Push system, etc.).

The CACTUS M concept is a modern take on the values that led to the development of the Méhari. Values relating to comfort, well-being and leisure, which have always been part of CITROËN. DIsplayed alongside the C4 Cactus and the Aircross concept, the CACTUS M concept illustrates the vitality of the brand and the coherence of its approach.


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