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For The Love Of Cars; A Guide Into Proper Car Maintenance

Jun 16, 2020

Without a car, moving from one place to the other, running errands, and going to work would be difficult. In the modern world, some people work 3 jobs a day only to make ends meet. And juggling between the different jobs with few minutes of rest between jobs is tiresome, right?


So why would you not want to take care of the one thing that makes all this possible?

To ensure longevity, proper car maintenance is imperative. It also saves you numerous trips to the mechanic that can cost thousands of dollars.

In this article, we are going to share various proper maintenance tips.

Let us delve into specifics

- Love your car

One of the things that many people forget to write about when talking about proper car maintenance is loving the car.

A loved car is never driven carelessly. Its owner should take the time to purchase 4x4 accessories to improve the car's curb appeal. Observing high levels of cleanliness is another way to take care of a car. Failure to do so might attract a build-up of dirt and dust which can destroy both the car's interior and exterior.

Additionally, scratches on the car cause the car to lose its resell value. These losses can run to hundreds of dollars.

- Change the oil regularly

Regular oil changes allow a car to run smoothly. Oil ensures the car's engine is well lubricated. If the oil is not changed, a build-up of dirt and debris occurs which is detrimental to the life of your engine. When the worse comes to worst, the engine breaks down, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

- Tire rotation

As we drive from place to place, car tires are bound to wear out. Why not do a tire rotation every once in a while?

Tire rotations ensure the wheels wear out uniformly. It also allows a car owner to make the most out of the tires before spending their hard-earned money replacing them.

- Check your brakes

Failed brakes are some of the most common causes of accidents. Unfortunately, some of the cases are preventable with proper maintenance of the braking system.

In case of a screeching noise or you notice a slight abnormality in the braking system, have your mechanic check it out. 

- Change the air filter annually

The importance of changing your air filter cannot be underestimated. An unclean filter reduces the efficiency of your car. It also restricts the car's acceleration. 

Make a point of changing it annually. Doing so ensures the car is operating at maximum efficiency.

- Be on the lookout for recalls

In rare cases, motor companies suffer malfunctions in their car manufacturing processes. Sometimes, these malfunctions are not caught until a later date when the cars are already on sale.

It is then that motor companies recall all the cars they suspect have a malfunction. So, being on the lookout for recalls is a good idea and will save you from possible accidents.