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Five concept cars shaping the technology-dominated drive of the future

Jul 04, 2019

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If you have ever been to an auto show, then you might have come across the concept car. They are stylish and futuristic vehicles, but they are not drivable. So this begs the question of why do manufacturers design them if they are not even available for the public? It is through concept cars that manufacturers can be able to highlight the features they would like in future vehicles.

Since concept cars gain a lot of Buzz, especially at auto shows, it is also an opportunity for the manufacturer to show off the newest technology in the upcoming brand of new vehicles. One of the most famous concept cars is the1955 Lincoln-Mercury Futura, which went on to become the famous Batmobile.

 If you are interested in concept cars, then he's a look at five of them which are shaping the technology-dominated drive of the future.

#1. Genesis Essentia

The Genesis Essentia made its way to auto shows in 2018. The vehicle uses high-tech such as biometric facial recognition and fingerprint to open its butterfly doors. The car can also communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure eliminating the risk of an accident or traffic. It is a product of Hyundai Motors, and since it can be able to communicate with smart devices, it can; turn on the lights and turn in HVAC settings.

#2. Honda Urban EV

The Honda Urban EV might be relatively small, but it boasts of various superb features. They include; a digital assistant who can predict the emotional state of the driver, cameras which are mounted on the door panels, screens located on the outside of the door panels, and a screen that can display messages to pedestrians and other vehicles.

#3. Italdesign Airbus Pop.Up Next

Airbus has been at the forefront of introducing flying cars. The Italdesign Airbus Pop. Up Next is a vehicle that can fly and be driven.

#4. Volvo 360c

The Volvo 360c is a versatile vehicle that is not only used for driving, but it encompasses other things. It has a 360-degree interior design where a table can be placed for working or where passengers can eat. It also has space for beddings when the driver wants to sleep. The Volvo 360c has a communication system whereby it communicates to other vehicles and pedestrians.

#5.Nissan Xmotion

The Nissan 'cross-motion' is a family-sized motor vehicle which has seven digital touch screens. Also, it has a digital assistant that resembles a koi fish, fingerprint authentication, and hand gestures can be used to start it up. The interior of the vehicle incorporates both a modern and traditional feel. For instance, even with all the Tech that is featured in the car, the interior decor has included a touch of wood. It gives the car a more inviting and warm feeling.