Mini Cooper is a car brand that catches the eye of both young and elderly car lovers. While both the classic version of the mini Cooper and the modern one have their own charm, let’s face it, who wouldn‘t be curious to know what Alec Issigonis, the pioneer of Mini Cooper design, would say about modern Mini models? Let’s see why classic and modern MIni models are unique and how do they differ.

The same goal. Manufacturers of the first Mini Cooper had a goal to create a car that would be small, economical, comfortable to drive in the city and accessible to the vast majority of people. After BMW took over the production of MINI cars, the main goal was maintained. Family friendliness, economy and flexibility for individual needs remains the core values of Mini brand.

Space. Comparing the classic Mini model with the modern one in terms of size and space inside - the difference is obvious. The uniqueness of the Classic Mini was the small size of the car. Although the car was small, it comfortably accommodated four people and also had some space for luggage. Meanwhile, the modern Mini model is no longer so small. It could rather be called really spacious and comfortable choice for tall people as well.

Design. The uniqueness of the Mini models is that everyone can dicover the model of the brand they do like a lot. Alec Issigonis, the designer of the original Mini car basically made a turnaround in the car market of the time. By moving the wheels closer to the corners and turning the car’s engine sideways, he got a result that does not leave anyone indifferent even today, when market supply is huge. Meanwhile, the modern Mini ones can surprise with high-end interiors, an impressive exterior, the ALL4 all-wheel drive system and convertible models.

Made for racing. If you think you’ve driven a good enough race car, try getting a classic Mini Cooper for a ride. The innovative layout of the car body has proven itself not only in terms of exclusive design, but also in terms of advantages on the race track. This car has a significantly greater advantage in terms of balance and adhesion of the tyre to the road. That is why that the classic Mini was a frequent winner of international races. By the way, three of them were won at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally.

Uniqueness. Both – the classic and modern Mini car models have retained their distinctive character among other cars. The exceptional aesthetics and often the bright color as if record the name of the Mini in everyone’s mind and make these models easy to recognize. For the Classic Mini models, it was enough to be just different on the market at the time to be wanted and purchased. At the time these cars were a cultural phenomenon uniting people of different classes. The same could be said about the modern one but they do face more challenges indeed.