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Can You Put Rooftop Tent on FJ Cruiser?

Mar 14, 2022

Do you want to explore the newest camping craze, Roof Top Camping? Using your FJ Cruiser as a camping vehicle may be a thrilling way to spend time with loved ones while exploring beautiful nature. Many individuals are wondering about how to put up a rooftop tent in their camping car. They often asked, "can you put rooftop tent on fj cruiser?". The answer is an absolute yes.  

Therefore, rooftop tents are a great choice, particularly for individuals who enjoy camping or other outdoor recreation. They let you park your car next to spectacular views. 

In this article, we'll go through the previously stated requested question and provide you with additional knowledge on the topic.

Can You Put Rooftop Tent on FJ Cruiser?

A rooftop tent will provide you with several opportunities to be outside and appreciate everything that nature gives. However, rooftop tents for Toyota FJ cruisers are frequently equipped with high-end amenities since they have so much to provide off-roaders. 

Let's take a deeper look at the topic and get the response to the following query: "Can you put rooftop tent on fj cruiser?"

What is a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser features a solid structure. So you can move across streams and over hills whereas other vehicles can't. It is manufactured with a Marine-Grade Water resistant frame to offers a sturdy rooftop tent that can withstand all types of natural calamities. 

Meanwhile, the FJ Cruiser has a large capacity so that five people and camping supplies can accommodate easily. This Toyota vehicle is also equipped with a 4.0-litre V6 engine, a four-wheel drive, as well as the capability of towing up to 4,700 pounds. 

FJ Cruiser's Maximum Carrying Capacity

The FJ Cruiser's roof rack maximum capacity is one of most primary aspects you should calculate carefully. Keep in mind that the cruiser's dynamic capacity is 150 lbs. while its static limit is 660 lbs. That implies your rooftop tent must be within the recommended weight.

However, rooftop tents are available in many sizes, just like regular camping and hiking tents. Always keep in mind that a good tent should be sturdy, comfy, and accessible. From two-person models to six-person versions, there's something for everyone. 

The estimated capacities of the supplier is a decent step for anyone to begin. But keep in mind that these specifications are sometimes rather liberal. As a result, you must take meticulous measurements of the size and weight capacity.

Putting the Tent on the Roof Rack

Once you've arrived at camp, setting up the tent is a bit of a challenge especially if you are a newcomer in this sector. That's why the first phase of fastening the tent to your roof rack may take a bit of time. 

Do not give up on your first attempt. All you have to do now is attentively follow all of the setup instructions. You'll also need at least one helper to lift the tent onto the roof rack of your FJ Cruise

Camping Requirements with Roof Top Tent

Evaluate the following important aspects that will make your journey more enjoyable

Sleep is essential for having a good time when camping. And you'll need a comfy mattress to have a good night's sleep. Check to see whether your tent includes a nice bed. Otherwise, purchasing more sleeping mats for the tent might be beneficial.

Overall, a backup power source, camping chairs, ladder, a portable bin, a camping stove, toiletries, cooking utensils, water bottles, and, most importantly, protective gear and clothes are all essential.

Mosquito netting is required to keep mosquitoes and other hazardous insects at bay. To make camping more convenient, look for LEDs and pockets.

Last Word

Solid tents help you to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing beneath the tranquil shade of a pop-up cover. But, can you put rooftop tent on fj cruiser?

The answer is written above. Surprisingly, rooftop camping is ideal for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It is quite demandable among campers due to its vintage styling, capabilities, and dependability. 

If you're searching for a flexible mid-size vehicle to adjust Rooftop tents, the FJ Cruiser is a great option. However, you will need a decent rooftop tent to fully enjoy the experience with Toyota FJ Cruiser.