Automobili Pininfarina has announced its plans to unveil its next limited edition hyper GT this summer, marking five years of growth and brand heritage. The luxury car manufacturer has also strengthened its management team with new appointments made by CEO Paolo Dellachà.

In addition to the new hyper GT, Automobili Pininfarina has confirmed its intention to launch an exclusive new limited-edition car this summer, designed specifically for discerning collectors. According to Dellachà, the company is dedicated to satisfying its clients' demands and is thrilled to present a series of stunning new vehicles. He added that the new car would display a new dimension of the company's design creativity while also honoring the Pininfarina name's heritage.

Automobili Pininfarina is known for producing bespoke, high-performance electric vehicles with unique design features. With the new management team in place and the unveiling of the next limited-edition hyper GT, the company is poised to continue its growth trajectory and cater to the needs of its growing client community.

We suspect, that the world of the new Automobili Pininfartina hypercar can happen at Top Marques Monaco Show this June. Stay tuned!