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AG Excalibur - exclusive hand-built automobiles from Lithuania

Jul 09, 2010 aiming to build highly exclusive cars in a very low volumes. Being a brainchild and creature of a businesman Audronis Gestautas the AG Excalibur is a Mercedes-Benz-based hand-made sportscoupe. "I always wanted to have an exclusive car, but none has taken a challenge to cutom-build such car for me", says Mr. Audronis. It took about seven months to create this car. "Together with each new project, a number of standard detail decreases and the cars get more and more newly made components". The car utilizes composite bodywork (carbonfiber, kevral and fiberglass) on an aluminium frame and a 5.0l engine. However, not the engine or quatity of horsepowers under the bonnet is what makes this car special. Bright red exterior, white leather interior combined with Alcantara and Swarovsky crystals and, of course, the gigantic wheels: front - 24 inches and rear - 30 inches. All these uninvisible details are, as Mr. Gestautas says, his style. In fact, the AG Excalibur is already a third design of this builder, while the second car is a BMW M6-based (4.4l, 333hp engine) coupe, named Shark. Having the same features as the Excalibur, this coupe "wears" 24 and 26 inches  wheels in front and rear respectivelly. According to Mr. Gestautas, both cars currently are at a prototype stage and may remain the one-offs. This small company is looking for the investors and intends to offers three or four new models for the customers. A price of the new AG Excalibur may start from 360.000€, new AG Shark - 150.000€ while a SUV model may ease a wallet by 200.000€. Not suprisingly, new models will have the same styling features as their predecessors. Bat-like front grill, golden interior details and exclusive accessories like gold-plated Cartier watch will find a place in the new models.


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