When it comes to moving your car across state lines, there are various options. You can choose to drive it yourself, pay another person to drive it, or hire a regional automotive transporting agency. Which option would you pick? Either way, do you often wonder why people choose the latter option? It's because of its quite convenient and cost-saving while comparing with other transporting methods. Here's what everybody ought to know if they are looking to ship a vehicle to another state

1. Types of shipping

Automotive shipping agencies can move any car to any location of your choice. Moreover, there are different ways they can do that.

Most people prefer open transporters as it by far the cheapest option. However, it leaves the automotive at risk of natural elements.

Another alternative shipping method is enclosed car transport. Interstate car movers can transport a vehicle within a covered trailer for extra protection. It is quite expensive but safer.

When it comes to service delivery, you ought to choose one that you are comfortable with each time. You can select a drop-off service, door-to-door, or collection at a depot point. You need to look at their service rates to choose one that will not strain your budget

2. Duration

Before completing a payment, you need to know when you will be expecting your vehicle. Some companies give an estimate of 2 to 4 weeks, or others specify the number of days. You need to know that automotive movers can get affected by natural weather as well as traffic conditions.

Choose a more flexible duration, depending on the automotive movers' schedule. It will help you have a clear picture when to book for the services. And when to expect your vehicle

3. Insurance

Each interstate car transporting company ought to have an insurance cover. It must provide coverage for the automotive they carry in case of any damages. It also has to be registered to the department of transport.

You need to be extra vigilant and ask for these documents. Thus, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is insured and see the coverage you have.

Having your insurance would cover an automobile on transit. It can enable you to make a no-default claim without necessarily losing any deductibles should something go wrong.

4. Costs

Different automotive movers tend to charge different prices. What's your budget? You ought to know is that cost will depend on the service you request. It will also depend on the automobile's type you would like to get moved. Another thing to put into consideration is the distance covered. 

You need to shop around for various price quotes until you find the most suitable. However, that alone isn't enough. You must dig deeper into the specifications. They must break down every cost to avoid any shocking hidden charges


When it comes to selecting ideal interstate car movers, you must understand their mode of operation. It will help you narrow down your options and get value for your money. Choosing an across the state automobile transporting agency enables you to move an automotive with minimal stress. Thus you ought to select the ideal service carefully.