Six million car accidents occur every year in the United States. This results in the loss of over 37,000 lives annually.

Auto manufacturers are now making cars that are much safer. At the same time, road safety awareness is at an all-time high. So why isn't the number of crashes declining significantly?

It turns out there other reasons behind these accidents.

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In this article, our focus is on the leading cause of car accidents today.

Distracted Driving Is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents

Any surprises here?

You may have driven while distracted or at least seen someone doing something else whilst behind the wheel. Many drivers are guilty of this every day.

Many people live in high-pressure environments where the urge to multitask is the order of the day. Indeed, in a 2019 survey, a whopping 37 percent of respondents said they felt the need to respond to work-related messages whilst driving.

But texting or calling isn’t the only cause of distracted driving. Taking your hand off the wheel to turn on the radio or adjust a side mirror, taking photos with your phone, or attending to a child all make you a distracted driver.

When you take your eyes off the road – even for two seconds – your chances of crashing double.

Fortunately, distracted driving is an easy problem to solve – at least on your part. When you’re behind the wheel, simply focus on driving. Everything else, including answering a call from your boss, can and should wait.

If you allow yourself to be distracted, you could crash and get injured. And then you’ll have no choice but to see a car accident orthopedic doctor.

Other Major Causes of Car Accidents Today

While distracted driving is currently the biggest cause of car accidents in the country, there are other causes giving it a run. They include:

Drunk Driving

Every day, 29 people in the U.S. succumb to car accidents that happen as a result of drunk driving.

In 2016, the police arrested over one million drunk drivers. The bad news is this is just a fraction of those that drink and drive.

Like distracted driving, you probably know someone who has a habit of driving while drunk. Perhaps you even do this. You are not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of other road users.

Speeding/Reckless Driving

Given the opportunity, most drivers won’t hesitate to press down on the gas pedal and test just how fast their cars can go. Unfortunately, public roads aren’t speeding tracks and most passenger cars aren’t built for sporting performance. It’s for this reason speeding is a major cause of car crashes today.

Reckless driving, such as skipping red lights and failing to follow other road signs, also causes a large chunk of road crashes.

Exercise Safe Driving

Now that you know the leading cause of car accidents today, what are you going to do about it? Really, you have no option than to drive safely. When you get behind the wheel, your goal should be to arrive alive.

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