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Thunder Power - Stand B20 in Hall 5.0

Thunder Power reveals electric vehicle range at IAA 2015

- World Premiere of Thunder Power Sedan

- European engineering excellence combined with Italian design

- Dedicated EV Platform optimises performance and efficiency

- First cars due on the road 2017

Frankfurt, Germany, September 15 2015: Taiwanese technology group Thunder Power today unveiled its future electric vehicle range at IAA 2015. Combining its expertise in hi-tech innovation with the best of European design, technology and engineering has resulted in a revolutionary electric vehicle proposition to rival the conventional internal combustion engine. Together with luxury driver and passenger refinements, the range is set to redefine the benchmark for electric vehicle innovation and performance.

Taking the EV further, faster

The rear-wheel drive Thunder Power Sedan will exceed the demands of the contemporary driver, offering both exhilarating performance and an enviable maximum journey distance. With a choice of 230 kW or 320 kW power configurations, the Thunder Power Sedan will deliver a class leading range of over 650 km on a full charge - or over 300 km on a mere 30-minute charge. The 320 kW version will accelerate to 100 km/h in under 5.0 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

Also showcasing at IAA is the Thunder Power all-wheel-drive Race model, demonstrating the technical possibilities and capabilities of the dedicated EV platform.

Italian design

On the exterior, the car’s styling matches the impressive performance. The Thunder Power Sedan has been designed by the legendary Zagato studio in Milan, the name behind some of the most beautiful sports cars ever built. Sweeping, dynamic lines form an unmistakably powerful silhouette. The instantly recognisable grill is also an icon in the making.

European engineering

Over five years of research and development have gone into establishing Thunder Power’s electric vehicle range, working closely with leading European specialists such as Bosch, Dallara and CSI. The result is the creation of advanced electric vehicle technologies, which set new standards in terms of performance and efficiency.

Dedicated EV platform

By engineering an advanced and dedicated platform from the ground up, Thunder Power is able to optimise the efficiency of the vehicle architecture allowing a series of performance benefits and advantages. Unencumbered by legacy issues, this is especially true in relation to the battery design and capacity, an area so often compromised on electric derivatives of mainstream vehicles.

The modular design of the 125 kWh microprocessor-controlled battery pack is based on unique high-energy-density lithium-ion cell technology. Not only will the pack be cheaper to produce and lighter than competing systems, but an innovative charge balancing system will also slow battery aging and degradation. Through the floor-integration of the battery pack, the superior volume will provide both the highest capacity and longest driving range.

A hybrid body structure contributes significantly to the Sedan’s low overall weight of below 2.000 kg and ensures high static & dynamic stiffness and efficient energy absorption. The flexible chassis design based upon a unique modular system allows the range to be extended from Sedan to SUV, Compact and Crossover variants.

Driver Comfort

Spanning the entire width of the dashboard, the TP-Touch system represents a new benchmark in safety, interconnectivity and entertainment. TP-Touch not only includes the instrument cluster, infotainment and all passenger comfort applications such as video streaming and internet, but also acts as an intelligent driver support. By merging and processing all journey and performance data from both driver assistance and infotainment systems, TP-Touch will provide invaluable advice to the driver, minimising unnecessary distractions and thereby increasing safety.


The Thunder Power range will launch in Europe in 2017 and in China in 2018, followed by the USA. The main manufacturing facility will be based in a 30 Hectare site in Shaoxing, Zhijiang, China. The location of the European production will be announced in due course.

Research & Development for all vehicles will be based and managed from Thunder Power’s European headquarters near Milan and supported by additional R&D facilities in both mainland China as well as in the USA.

CEO and Chairman Wellen Sham said, “The electric vehicle industry is constantly evolving and we are making sure that we are one step ahead. Our range of electric vehicles will push the boundaries. We have drawn on the expertise of world-class European designers and engineers and after five years of research and development we are proud to launch our luxury range of vehicles at IAA 2015. Frankfurt is one of the highest profile motor shows and known for showcasing the latest trends and technological industry highlights. So it's a perfect setting to showcase the world premiere of our electric vehicle range to the media, investors and consumers.”

Dr Ing. Peter Tutzer, Chief Technical Officer added, “It is not a question of if, but when Electric Vehicles will go ‘mainstream’ and take over from the internal combustion engine cars. As a manufacturer of a dedicated EV platform, Thunder Power is able to optimise both vehicle efficiency and performance, offering the contemporary driver a motoring proposition without compromise and of course with zero emissions.”

Specifications:  Thunder Power Sedan


The Thunder Power Sedan is a purpose made electric vehicle based on flexible chassis modules.

The battery pack is floor integrated and maximised in volume for the highest capacity.

Infotainment and connectivity are merged to optimise driver and passenger and entertainment.


Rear Wheel Drive (Race Version all-wheel drive).

AC electric motors with 230 kW or 320 kW.

125 kWh battery pack, based on cylindrical lithium-ion cells.

Variable frequency drive inverter and high efficiency regenerative braking system.

Liquid cooled and controlled by an advanced thermal management.


Two charging modes are available.

The onboard standard charging system fully charges the battery in less than 6 hours.

The fast charging mode can add 300km range in under 30 minutes or provide an almost full charge in one hour.


The hybrid structure reduces weight, increases static and dynamic stiffness and optimises energy absorption. 


Front suspension with double wishbone, virtual steer axis and optional air springs.

Multi link rear suspension with stability enhancing compliance steering and optional air springs.

The low centre of gravity together with the front and rear suspensions kinematics and elastokinematics provide a dynamic response to driving inputs.  

Safety and ADAS

Front, side, head, knees, pelvis and curtain airbags.

Automatic emergency braking.

Blind spot warning, Lane departure & Coalition avoidance system.

ABS, ESP and Traction Control.


The full width TP-Touch screen incorporates cluster, infotainment and connectivity.

The cluster is in a fixed position and available only for the driver.

The position of the infotainment and connectivity areas can be interchanged by a swiping motion.

Infotainment and connectivity are integrated into a single system to provide relevant data to the driver without distraction, while also providing useful entertainment and connectivity to all occupants.


Power / Torque                          230 kW / 320 Nm                                  320 kW / 560 Nm

Battery pack                                125 kWh                                     125 kWh

Range                                          minimum 650 km                    minimum 650 km

0-100 km/h                             < 6.0 seconds                                              < 5.0 seconds

Maximum speed                       210 km/h                                                     250 km/h